World Beer Awards

It’s the time of year again where beer drinkers worldwide get together to determine who made the best brews in every category. It’s a competition judged by genuine experts, and it can help you find your new favorite beer!

In this article, we will give you a rundown of what the World Beer Awards are, how they work, and some tips on how to make your award-winning beer.

The World Beer Awards is the most prestigious beer competition in the world.  It is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together breweries from across the globe to compete for one of ten coveted medals.  The event is held every two years.

Tim Webb founded the World Beer Awards. He is the author of “World Drinks Review” and author of many other books on beer.  He wanted to create an awards program that would highlight great international beers while providing a unique opportunity for brewers worldwide to compare their skills against each other.

This event brings together breweries from across the globe to compete for one of ten coveted medals, including gold, silver, or bronze. Award winners are chosen based on rigorous blind-tastings by a panel of over 100 judges before winners are announced at the World Beer Awards.

Beers involved

Award winners are determined before winners are announced at the World Beer Awards every two years, which takes place around October to celebrate beers from across the globe for their efforts in creating world-class beverages according to rigorous blind tastings done by a panel of over one hundred judges.

Beers involved in this prestigious event must go through several evaluation stages, including an initial pre-selection process, and then be judged during formal judging sessions that take place once all entries have been collected together.

Judges include experts such as brewery owners, brewers, beer sommeliers, journalists, and other individuals with expertise in specific areas who can become members after selection is made. All entrants must have been commercially available for a minimum of six months, and judges will be sampling from either full or half pours.

Membership into this event begins when applicants send an email to Tim Webb or other members of the World Beer Awards team that goes over a few details about themselves and their qualifications, followed by an assessment period where they must submit a tasting note for two beers which are then evaluated to see if candidates have met specific entry requirements.

Entrants will need to provide information such as location/country, style, ABV %, IBU level (if any), brewer’s name & address, beer type/category. If successful applicants pass this stage, they can take part in formal judging sessions once all entries have been collected together.