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Beer Making For Taste

Beer making enjoys a trail of several great lies. One of those is that it makes you funnier. It doesn't, it only makes other people more likely to laugh at your jokes, and they need to be drinking too. Most of the jokes no doubt developed after sampling the products of beer making.

Another, and a more serious one, is that all beer tastes the same. This line is so untrue that there should be disclaimers issued on national TV every time someone says it. One can only wonder how many people are sitting in bars, drinking just to get drunk, who have only ever tasted a couple of beers and don't really like them.

After beer making at home, you come to appreciate just how much variety there is in the process of making certain beers and in the taste of the end result. Many home brewers never make two batches that taste exactly alike. One small change to the brewing process can lead to vastly different results. It might not be a change you enjoy, but it will certainly be different.

There are so many different kinds of beer that the idea of them all tasting the same is flawed right from the get-go. You have light, crisp lagers and heavy, dark ales. You have thick stouts and sharp white beers, and these are just a few of the options out there. That is before we even get to the stage of adding flavors, experimenting with strengths and other variations that can produce incredible results. All beers taste the same? No. No, they don't.

Homebrew beer makers create thousands of varities of beers to enjoy. We can thank microbrewers and their talents in beer making for all beers not tasting the same.

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