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Currency and Exchange Rate Information
  • Currencies other than UK Sterling (£) should be taken as a guide.
  • All orders will be processed in UK Sterling (£).
  • All orders will be charged in UK Sterling (£).
  • Currency exchange rates are based on the IMF SDR values.
Name ISO IMF SDR Value Date
Canadian Dollar CAD CAD 0.6331340074539185 Tue Jan 19
Euro EUR EUR 0.9297209978103638 Tue Jan 19
Japanese Yen JPY Y 0.0057866401039064 Tue Jan 19
South African RAND ZAR SA 0.0918297991156578 Tue Jan 19
UK Sterling UKP LST 1.2486900091171265 Tue Jan 19
US Dollar USD US$ 0.6322479844093323 Tue Jan 19

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