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Your shopping basket displays any products or items you have selected in the shop. It shows the quantity, name and total price for each item. It also shows the total amount due for the items, (this may or may not include delivery and VAT charges). If you have no items in your basket you will see a message stating the basket is empty.

To view a more detailed basket , including VAT and delivery information, click the 'Detailed View' link on the basket.

Common Questions.

  • How do I add an item to the basket ?

    Browse the shop categories and find a product you want. Click the 'Add to basket' button located near the pricing information. The item should now appear in your basket.

  • How do I remove an item from the basket ?

    Click in the quantity box next to the item you want to remove and type 0 (zero) , then click the 'Update Quantity' button. The item should then be removed from the basket.

  • How do I order more than 1 of an item ?

    You can either click the 'Add to basket' button for the product you want until you have the required quantity in your basket, or enter the number you need into the quantity box next to the item and then click the 'Update Quantity' button.

  • How do I order the items in my basket ?

    Click the 'Checkout' button on the basket.

  • It doesn't seem to work.

    This shopping basket system requires your web browser to accept cookies. Please check your settings and browser documentation.

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