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Seven Bridges Cooperative Starter Beer Kits

The Seven Bridges Cooperative Starter Beer Kits are more for the intermediate to advanced home brewer. These items don't come neatly in a box in one piece. They have several pieces and if you don't know what you're doing while beer brewing, you may feel overwhelmed or lost while using the Seven Bridges Cooperative Starter Beer Kits. The only thing these beer kits don't offer for beer brewing is a brew pot such as a stainless steel stock pot that should be at least 3 gallons.

They don't offer any sort of guide that comes with this kit, which will make it hard for the beginner to start beer brewing, but they do include the book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing which will help you get started. Even though they do consider this to be a starter kit for a new home brewer, it is not recommended that you purchase these beer kits until you've fully researched all kit reviews and at least know what each of the parts are for.

Seven Bridges Coop Starter Beer Kits Features and Specifications:

  • Seven Bridges Coop Starter Beer Kits features one organic beer ingredient kit
  • A glass 5 gallon carboy
  • Plastic airlock
  • Rubber stopper
  • 40? blow-off tube
  • 5' siphon tubing
  • 22? curved siphon cane with sediment tip
  • Small tubing clamp
  • Small organic cotton straining bag
  • 18? heat resistant plastic spoon
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Bottle capper
  • 60 bottle caps
  • Bottle brush
  • Long water bottle brush with bent tufted end
  • 8? plastic funnel with snap in screen
  • The book: "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 3rd Edition"
  • 4 oz. of Iodophor sanitizer (safe iodine based), & 8 oz. of Straight-A oxygen based home brewery cleaner.

The Reviews

This product didn't have many reviews but the reviews that it did offer are all 5 stars. They mention that it is for the intermediate to advanced home brewer and the novice should start out with something simpler. The Seven Bridges Cooperative Starter Beer Kit is said to produce great tasting beer, however the reviewers advise that you let the beer sit for a bit longer before bottling. They said it offers a standard brewing package for those who are serious about home brewing, and it's a flexible and expandable system - which is something the beginner beer kits aren't.

It also includes the best seller book "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing" that will help you get started even though in the book they may or may not be using this exact kit. These beer kits also offer you the ingredients for a basic Nut Brown Ale which is a British style beer. When you're beer brewing with these kits, you'll find recipes on other homebrew supplies websites.


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