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Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Beer Kits

The Mr. Beer Kits are different from their Premium version. While these starter supplies are geared towards the beginner home brewer, they don't offer the bottles that come with the Premium version. However the Mr. Beer Kits are excellent for those who are just starting out with home brewing. All you have to do is add water and you've got yourself some home brewed beer after letting it sit for around 14 days. Beer brewing could not get any simpler than with these beer kits. The 2 1/2 gallon keg comes with a pour tap and wide mouth lid for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

With the Mr. Beer Kits, you'll be able to make your own beer at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to keep buying beer at the store. Plus these beer kits come with a starter pack of West Coast Pale Ale beer mix so that you can start beer brewing immediately. It just takes 7 days to ferment and 7 days to carbonate and then you'll have a case full of home brewed beer.

Mr. Beer Kits Features and Specifications:

  • Mr. Beer Kits Includes a Mr. Beer Brew Keg with lid
  • West Coast Pale Ale beer mix
  • Booster Pack for flavor enhancement and alcohol boost
  • One-Step Cleanser to clean and disinfect brewing and bottling equipment
  • Mr. Beer Brewer's Guide inclusive of brewing tips, recipes, and the most frequently asked questions to get the most out of your Mr. Beer brewing system.
  • Simple 4-step instructions

The Reviews

Generally the Mr. Beer Kits got a 5 star rating, but also got plenty of 4 star ratings too. Users spoke well of its ease of use and one of the best beginners beer kits on the market. They also mentioned that there are dozens of different mixes that they have available at Mr. Beer so that you can make anything from lagers, ales, stouts, and other types of specialty beers. One guy commented that the fermenting tank was small and that was a good thing because you don't have to wait long to taste the final product. Others commented that it takes up less space and is small but mighty compared to other beer brewing systems.

Other people commented on the cheap production of the airlock. They said it could be a bit tighter to prevent contamination of the beer and to help to know when the fermenting process was finished. Others commented on the fact that it doesn't come with bottles and that was a major downfall of the product. You will have to buy the bottles separately, but these beer kits come with bottle caps. Overall the professional home brewers consider the Mr. Beer beer kits as amateur style, but that is what makes them perfect for the home beer brewing beginner. A great gift for Dad on Father's Day, Christmas, or birthday! Mr. Beer is one of the best what you can choose from the brewing kits reviews.


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