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Beers of the World Issue 19

Published on 30/07/2008

Beer Tastings



Sally Toms is still recovering from the first Beers of the World Live

So that’s it. Finito. The first Beers of the World Live event is in the bag, and the staff here at BOTW are quite simply shattered. Like many, I have done more than my share of bar work, but until no...

By Sally Toms in the section From the Editor


A selection of letters and postings from our forum

LETTERS The global community Dear Editor It’s great reading your magazine items on all the different beers of the world and the UK? Would it not be a good idea to give you subscribers/readers a defi...

By Sally Toms in the section


The full results of the second World Beer Awards, 2008

It’s been a hard fought competition this year, with some interesting and surprising results. Following three rounds of intensive tasting by an international panel of journalists, retailers and brewer...

By Sally Toms in the section


Resounding success for inaugural Beers of the World Live event

The UK’s premier beer tasting event stormed onto the scene in June as Beers of the World magazine held its first live show to critical acclaim from consumers and trades people alike. Situated at the ...

By Sally Toms in the section


Dorset brewer Hall & Woodhouse uses the most advanced retailing and marketing techniques to stay competitive. But it hasn’t forgotten its roots either. Dominic Roskrow reports

A few years ago a group of trade journalists were invited down to Hall & Woodhouse in Dorset for what it is technically known in the industry as a jolly. Ostensibly we were there to learn about the b...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Brewery Focus


Des de Moor explores what can go wrong with bottled beer

If you’re a dedicated drinker of speciality beers from small brewers, then the chances are you will have experienced “gushing” – and not just from overeffusive beer writers heaping eloquent praise on ...

By Des de Moor in the section


Ignoring the glass-and-chrome style-bar,Alastair Gilmour does the time warp

Fashionable foodies beef over air miles, grouse at nonseasonality and belly-ache about best-befores. Oh, for the days, they wail, when everything was produced locally and freshness was preserved. A 1...

By Alastair Gilmour in the section Spotlight


Adrian Tierney-Jones visits Polish brewery Zywiec and discovers two completely different beers being
brewed on two completely different sites

Midweek Krakow and the party is kicking off. A bunch of local football fans parade across the main square, shoulders draped in massive flags, grunting their team’s virtues. A column of nuns passes by ...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section


Roger Protz turns his attention to Achel brewery and the ‘famous five’ Belgian Trappist breweries

When German troops occupied the monastery of Achel during World War One they observed the conventions of military conflict. As the monastery straddles the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, t...

By Roger Protz in the section Brewery Focus


A year after moving to new premises Spectrum Brewery in Norfolk is thriving while doing its bit for the planet. Dominic Roskrow spoke to the brewery's founder.

Andy Mitchell is a man with a plan. For at the risk of getting all Biblical, when it came to planting the seeds of his new business he made sure that they were well grounded. And now, as the beer indu...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Spotlight


In the latest of our series on beer and food, Ben McFarland looks at what to eat with porter.

Like wheat beers, porter is a beer style enjoying a renaissance. After years of being in the shadow of stout – its drier, more bitter and opaque ale cousin, porter is finding favour with those looking...

By Ben McFarland in the section Beer and Food


SPICY CHILLI BEEF IN SUN LIK BEER BATTER INGREDIENTS For the beef 450g lean steak, cut into fine strips 2 carrots, finely sliced 2 spring onions, chopped 1 tbsp honey 1 tsp lemon juice 2 tbsp Sun Lik...

By Sally Toms in the section


The Czech Republic gave the world its most popular beer style. Alastair Gilmour sends his thanks

The house lights dim; a ripple of applause sweeps the auditorium; a familiar tune begins as Tony Bennett raises the microphone. Spotlight, anticipation, the moment. “I left my scarf... in Cesky Kruml...

By Alastair Gilmour in the section International Focus


In the latest in our series on beer styles, Roger Protz reveals all about golden ale.

The original aim of brewers both in Britain and abroad who make golden ales was a simple and, at the time, desperate one: to attempt to counter the rise of global lager brands. Small brewers, of regi...

By Roger Protz in the section Beer styles


1.CROUCH VALE BREWERS GOLD (4%) A fascinating beer that is an ale with close lager connotations as it’s brewed using lager malt and a German hop variety, Brewers Gold. It comes from the portfolio of ...

By Roger Protz in the section Beer styles


In his continuing search for the world's best beer shops, Des de Moor visits rural Wales.

No longer a land of keg-only pubs closed on Sundays, Wales is currently one of Britain’s most dynamic brewing regions. The nation’s cultural independence and distinctiveness has been boosted further ...

By Des de Moor in the section Spotlight


Waves of beer were sent sloshing over an Austrian autobahn recently after a German truck hauling the precious load overturned. The vehicle was carrying the beer to thirsty football fans at the Europe...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


A New York man has sued Coors beer after his bottle of beer exploded. Arthur Skiorski, 56, says he was standing up bottles in the cooler when one exploded in his hand. The incident, which occurred la...

By Sally Toms in the section


From the country that brought you milk beer and horseradish beer, comes another new brew that is simply out of this world: Space Beer. Japanese brewery Sapporo Holdings plans to use the third generat...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Yep, believe it or not, this is an actual device somebody designed to stop your beer getting too warm by providing shade for your glass. It was spotted by Andy Neil of Bier-Mania, cultural beer tours...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Last issue’s film was TOP GUN. Well done to Gary Greenwood from Castleford, UK, who receives some rather excellent beers. Answers on a postcard to BOTW towers, or

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Beer lovers have found the world’s cheapest lager, costing an incredible 10p a pint (or, 20 cents for 568ml, if you like). Trouble is, you have to get to Mogadishu in war torn Somalia to get it. A ne...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Iorwerth Griffiths explains that there's more to Ireland than stout.

Then the words ‘beer’ and ‘Ireland’ are mentioned it is the black stuff – stout – that usually springs to mind and one brand in particular – Guinness. Thankfully, there’s a whole lot more to beer in I...

By in the section Regional Focus


Daniel Cooper finds out about the use of isinglass finings in brewing.

To label or not to label, that was the difficult decision facing the brewing industry when new food labelling directives were introduced by the European Commission in 2003. The EC wanted to tighten th...

By Daniel Cooper in the section


John Westlake embarks on a beer journey in Belgrade.

Wandering around the bustling centre of Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city and this year’s host to the Eurovision Song Contest, it is difficult to believe that less than a decade ago the Royal Air Force,...

By in the section Beer Journeys


Jeff Evans climbs aboard the Kusttram for a beer journey along the beautiful Belgian coast.

With a bump and a squeal, the tram rattles its way along the Belgian coast. The journey is nippy and fun, sometimes as smooth as velvet, at other times as jerky as a fairground ride, as we scuttle pas...

By Jeff Evans in the section Beer Journeys


Where there’s beer there’s cider More breweries are complementing their range with a cider, either one made especially for them or produced through a relationship with a long-established cider-maker....

By Sally Toms in the section


This time, we chat to Josef Tolar, head brewer at the iconic Budweiser Budvar brewery in the Czech Republic

How did you first get involved in beer? As you probably know Czechs are more or less weaned on beer, so you don’t have a Damascus experience; rather beer is part of you from day one. I always knew s...

By Sally Toms in the section Last Shout

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