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Beers of the World Issue 17

Published on 30/04/2008

Beer Tastings



Sally Toms embarks on a homebrew adventure.

Those who know me may laugh when I write that I am something of an aspiring hippie. I have this obsession with self sufficiency, you see. There’s a perfect harmony in nature that is extremely appealin...

By Sally Toms in the section From the Editor


A selection of letters and postings from our forum

LETTERS A plea to brewers Dear Editor, I have a confession to make, I collect beer bottle labels. There, I’ve said it, I’m out and proud. Someone, well lots of people actually, spend time and mone...

By Sally Toms in the section


Pete Brown visits Marston's Brewery in Burton upon Trent home of the legendary Burton Unions.

Burton-on-Trent bugs the hell out of me. To any beer fan it’s a legend, but to the average British beer drinker, Burton is the name of a cheesy menswear chain and nothing else. Even as an acolyte, if...

By in the section Brewery Focus


The reality of human-made climate change is amongst us. Richard Jones discovers how the beer industry is, in its own small way, helping to tackle the problem.

The nature of scientific debate and the inherent complexity of the subject means that it is virtually impossible to achieve unanimous agreement that, “global temperatures are rising as a direct result...

By Richard Jones in the section


Jonathan Goodall takes a rest at The Red Shoot Inn and Brewery in Hampshire, England

Muddy Boots aren’t just tolerated in The Red Shoot Inn, they’re served from the bar as well; Muddy Boot being one of the pub’s most popular home-brewed beers. Being off the beaten track, this relaxed...

By in the section Spotlight


Don Tse takes us on a journey to discover the beers and breweries of Canada.

Canada lacks the long brewing history that Britain, Germany and Belgium boast. As much as 90 per cent of Canada’s beer market is dominated by two brewing behemoths that make bland, inoffensive lagers ...

By in the section Brewery Focus


Glynn Davis reveals what no self-respecting beer drinker should be without

One of the greatest things about beer is the infinite styles that are available. But with pubs, bars and stores now stocking increasingly diverse ranges of bottled and draught brews it can be confusin...

By Glynn Davis in the section Beer Trends


Ales and porters finished in oak casks are set to take beer in an exciting new direction. Dominic Roskrow reports

The news that wine had overtaken beer as the most popular drink of choice in Britain will have left many of us crying into our pint pots. But if the grain is at war with the grape then the grain has s...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Beer Trends


Des de Moor visits legendary beer shop Beers of Europe at Kings Lynn in Norfolk, England

The United Kingdom’s biggest range of international beers, comprising more than 1,700 lines, can be found at a shop and warehouse in an industrial unit on the unpromisingly named Garage Lane, Setchey,...

By Des de Moor in the section


Ted Bruning visits Brasserie Coreff, a microbrwery making waves in Brittany

It’s an unexpected treat to be offered a pint of well-kept ale in a hotel bar. It’s doubly unexpected if the hotel in question happens to be in France. But head for Carhaix in the middle of western Br...

By Ted Bruning in the section


Rodrigo Amaral visits the Eisenbahn Brewery, a craft brewery on a mission to change Brazilian beer culture

Your typical beer aficionado in Brazil will teach you that there are only two kinds of beer: “stupidly” cold, and hot. If you happen to take a Brazilian drinker to an English pub and order him or her ...

By in the section


Each issue we feature some of beer’s stranger and funnier stories as well as all sorts of other nonsense

Pints of style For anyone who just doesn’t feel comfortable without a pint in their hands, and yet isn’t ready to drink tea or coffee in such quantities, BOTW may have the solution. Homewares desig...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Carryaround to the rescue You know how it is… You’re at a music festival/ cricket/rugby match and it’s your round. You’ve beaten your way to the bar and ordered six pints of the most thirst quenchi...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Ben McFarland asks a panel of experts for their food pairings with the eminently hoppy India pale ales

Unless you’ve been sitting in a darkened room with your eyes shut and your head encased in a block of concrete, blindfolded, then – chances are – you’re likely to have read an article about how great ...

By Ben McFarland in the section Beer and Food


JOHN’S DORSET PANHANDLE WITH BADGER STINGER ALE INGREDIENTS 1oz/25g unsalted butter 8oz/225g flaked smoked haddock/cod 1 cup of milk 4-6 large Dorset duck eggs 1 cup of single cream 1/2 cup of choppe...

By Sally Toms in the section


Breweries ADNAMS, Southwold, Suffolk +44 (0)1502 727 200 CHOICE BEER: Broadside 6.3% BARTRAMS BREWERY, Rougham, Suffolk +44 (0)7790 596 539 CHOICE BEER: Jest...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Regional Focus


Flushed by the success of its barley-enriched golden ales, East Anglia’s breweries are going from
strength to strength. Dominic Roskrow reports

If there’s one thing we don’t like up here in Norfolk and Suffolk, it’s folks from elsewhere assuming that we’re stupid and backward. Now admittedly the accent in both counties doesn’t help much. Nor...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Brewery Focus


Scotland's breweries are joining forces to create a national ale trail. Michelle Robertson reports...

While the world over knows Scotland for its whiskies, Hogmanay and Sean Connery, what doesn’t seem to be as widely accepted is that we also have a vibrant and diverse beer scene – why, Harviestoun’s B...

By in the section Spotlight


Daniel Cooper looks at the controversial subject of pasteuration in beer

It was Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west, who said “do you want it pasteurised? Because pasteurised is best.” It would seem that Ernie was fairly convinced about the value of the technique for mi...

By Daniel Cooper in the section


This issue, Roger Protz looks at old ale and barley wine

Old ale and barley wine are often linked but they are not one and the same, they are two quite distinct and separate styles. Barley wine, as the name suggests, is strong in alcohol and historically w...

By Roger Protz in the section Beer styles


Adrian Tierney-Jones takes a beer lover's tour of Milan, a great base to explore Italy's burgeoning beer scene.

If you want to make believe that you’ve never left the United Kingdom then Milan’s fake Brit-pub the Cambridge is the sort of place that you’ll feel right at home. Standing on the Piazzale Susa, to th...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section Beer Journeys


Pub reviews, tasting notes and other pips and pieces from the world of cider and perry, compiled by Adrian Tierney-Jones

Welsh gold The Penrhyn Arms is a no-nonsense village local to be found in the small clinging-to-the-side-of-thehill community of Penrhynside, which lies close to the seaside resort of Llandudno in ...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section


For those of you who think that Australian beer is all fizzy gnat’s pee from big breweries you’ve obviously never experienced the joy of Coopers. The brewery has a rich history, which spans from 1862, and seen it fend off take-over bids from major multi-nationals and have the confidence to launch vintage products. BotW has a
quick chat with executive chairman and marketing director Glenn Cooper to find out more…

How did you first get involved in beer? Being a fifth generation Cooper, my family were always involved with the brewery; during my youth my father was company secretary and the brewery was located n...

By Sally Toms in the section Last Shout

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