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Beers of the World Issue 13

Published on 03/08/2007

Beer Tastings



This issue, we share a pint with managing director of Innis & Gunn, Dougal Sharp

How did you first get involved in beer? I started working in our family’s brewery in Edinburgh to earn pocket money while I was still at school – filling barrels, helping out on the lorries and the l...

By Sally Toms in the section Last Shout


Sally Toms rants about glassware and daydreams about brewing

Another issue, another chapter in the search of beer enlightenment... This time my tutor was Kentish brewer Shepherd Neame (or Sheps, as it is fondly known locally) and so I found myself sitting alon...

By Sally Toms in the section From the Editor


With his renowned intellectual rigour, Michael Jackson cuts through the crust to solve one of Beerdom’s hitherto impenetrable mysteries

Many people consider that the greatest advance in the progress of humankind was the invention of the wheel. It was a clever idea – and a nice shape – concedes my fellow columnist Dave Barry, of the Mi...

By in the section


The Caledonian Brewery is the last brewery in Edinburgh and after some tough times it is in fine form.
Dominic Roskrow visited it

They’re a modest bunch at the Caledonian Brewery in the heart of Edinburgh. Ask them how they have managed to succeed as a brewery when so many others failed, and how they have survived against the o...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Brewery Focus


The Rugby World Cup kicks off in France in September and no sport attracts a larger number of premium beer
drinkers. So where should you go for a decent beer during the six weeks that the tournament is on? All Black devotee Dominic Roskrow scrums down

Is it really three and half years since that heady, sticky, steamy night in Sydney when England battled the host nation for the last rugby union World Cup? Nearly four years since a tired but resilie...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section


To chill or not to chill, that is the question. Des de Moor searches for the answer

The British, as everyone knows, drink warm beer. Or more accurately, they prefer their traditional ale at cellar temperature, rather than chilled. Though most Brits in truth now drink cold lager like ...

By Des de Moor in the section


The Bavarian town of Bamberg is packed full of breweries to delight the beer adventurer. Roger Protz went for a look-see

If you are searching for beer paradise, there’s no need to wait until you fall off your bar stool – just head for Bamberg. This small city of 70,000 people in Franconia, upper Bavaria, has 11 brewerie...

By Roger Protz in the section


American breweries coined the term ‘extreme’ more than a decade ago. Are British brewers starting to follow suit? Adrian Tierney Jones reports

Extreme beer is the current buzzword on the lips of United States craft brewers, as that country’s dynamic brewing community experiments with woodaging, triple amounts of hops, various combos of fruit...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section Beer Trends


Jeff Evans discovers the beers and breweries of Wales

Growing up in South Wales in the 1970s, my interests were rock music and beer. Sadly, there was not much to shout about locally on either account. The big bands seldom crossed the Severn Bridge and t...

By Jeff Evans in the section Regional Focus


Few things are as well matched as beer and curry, but is it as simple as that? Sally Toms finds out

Beer and curry is widely believed to be one of the best beer and food combinations on earth, especially by the Brits. We just can’t get enough of it. There’s a certain amount of delicious irony in th...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer and Food


While other clothing and accessory stores offer sales, discounts and reductions, North American retailer Crumpler encourages shoppers to haul beer, by the case or can, into its stores in Toronto and N...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


The ashes of Montgomery Scott, better known as “Scotty” the engineer on the classic sci-fi television series Star Trek, flew alongside another special payload on a brief space flight. The companion p...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Residents of a small Australian town cut off by floods recently received more than just essentials when emergency workers dropped off a large amount of beer. Hinton in New South Wales was isolated by...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Sounds disgusting? Give it a try and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We found this one on the ‘net ( amongst many more. Beer ice-creams made from cherry or raspberry kriek ...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


If you love beer, you might appreciate having one dangling from your phone. You can’t drink it, of course, but you can gaze at it and daydream about a cold one 100 times its size. The bubbles fizz u...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


Beer and movies go together like… well, like peas and carrots. And to celebrate the release of Die Hard 4.0, we were sent this Bruce Willis bottle vest courtesy of a wellknown British film mag. It ma...

By Sally Toms in the section Beer Matters


The Eastern European countries of Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Latvia are still producing some exciting beers. Adrian Tierney-Jones reports

Late at night in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and I am hunting for an elusive Baltic porter. As I amble along the quiet streets, a chap crosses the road from a group of idling taxi drivers and as...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section International Focus


What you can expect from this year’s festivities in Denver

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there is no other place on earth where a beer aficionado can find more beers on tap. The Great American Beer Festival is a three day annual event, dubb...

By Sally Toms in the section


Hotels are waking up and taking beer more seriously. Glynn Davis reports

The recruitment of a chief beer officer (CBO) by the ‘Four Points by Sheraton’ hotel chain not only gave Scott Kerkmans his dream job (out of 7,800 applicants) but also signalled that beer is increasi...

By Glynn Davis in the section Beer Trends


The main conversation is about beer, but pubs, politics and pies lubricate Alastair Gilmour's 'pint of lunch' with celebrated crime writer Ian Rankin

Inspector John Rebus is a cryptic character. He’s complex and hung-up yet straightforward and unpretentious. He’s dour but witty and phlegmatic though intense. The clue’s in the name – Rebus is Latin ...

By in the section


Tim Hampson visits the Turf Tavern, a unique pub in the heart of Oxford, England

Turf Tavern licensee Darren Kent offers an “education in intoxication.” He is passionate about beer, and is on a mission to educate the world. The Turf is a historic pub located just outside the Oxfo...

By in the section Spotlight


Ben McFarland visits the beer hot spots of sunny San Diego

America’s backlash against bland beer began on the West Coast. San Francisco, always keen to stick it to the man, got the ball rolling in the 70s. Then the defiant, drizzly duo of Portland and Seattle...

By Ben McFarland in the section Beer Journeys


The hop is a quintessentially British addiction to ale isn't it? Not historically it isn't, no. Dominic Roskrow looks at its bitter past

Talk about a bad press. You’ve spent hundreds of years building a reputation as a positive and healthy force and blow me if you don’t go and get blamed for a violent uprising, incur the wrath of royal...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section


In the latest of our series on beer styles, Roger Protz discovers the origins of pale ale

It’s called pale ale but it’s not a pallid beer. Brewed properly, with careful attention to style, it should be a robust beer, with a powerful punch of hop bitterness balancing juicy malt and the tart...

By Roger Protz in the section Beer styles

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