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Beers of the World Issue 10

Published on 26/01/2007

Beer Tastings



Sally Toms thinks about the price of a pint

Hurrah for the Spring sales! Like any self-respecting shopper I have been out hunting for bargains amongst the sale rails; there is always something out there that catches my eye, and yes I do need it...

By Sally Toms in the section From the Editor


Hook Norton in Oxfordshire is part visitor attraction, part brewery. It also makes great beer. Sally Toms went for a
look round

Mention Hook Norton to a real British beer enthusiast and watch what happens. Their eyes will mist over with fondness and they’ll stare off into the distance. “Ahhh, Hook Norton,” they’ll murmur, smi...

By Sally Toms in the section Brewery Focus


Budweiser Budvar's Czech brewery is a monument to good brewing practice. Dominic Roskrow reports

We’re standing in the grandiose and pristine marbled reception area of the Budweiser Budvar brewery sipping tentatively at the first lager of the day. Back in London it is just 9.15am. We know this b...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section


The two Lowlander cafés in London are a Belgian and Dutch beer delight. We sent Melissa Cole to investigate

We hear a lot about the European café culture and how in Britain, thanks to flexible licensing, we will be seeing more of it. But there’s one independent enterprise that has been bringing London beer...

By in the section Spotlight


Dominic Roskrow sees what's brewing in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire

There are a band of counties in a commuter belt round London that don’t fit in to any discernible regional area. They occupy a no man’s land somewhere between the South West of England, North West Lo...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section Regional Focus


Americans have a reputation for doing everything bigger and better, and its breweries are no exception. But is bigger necessarily better when beer is concerned? David Gilbert reports

In the early 1980s the aspiration of many American brewers was to create beers that mirrored the classic European styles. As the craft brew movement grew and evolved, American brewers began to experi...

By in the section Beer Trends


Belgium produces the most varied collection of beers in the world; Roger Protz reveals what the beer lover will find there

Belgium is the cornucopia of the beer world. It froths and foams with a vast and diverse offering of the fruits of barley and wheat. A small country rent by political and linguistic antagonisms, unite...

By Roger Protz in the section International Focus


Richard Jones dons his gladrags for an evening of fine beer and food at the magnificent setting of Thornbridge
Hall in the Peak District

It only takes a cursory glance at the website ( and to discover that Thornbridge is not your usual fledgling microbrewery. The clue comes courte...

By Richard Jones in the section Beer and Food


Pretty in Pink It’s one of the last great untapped markets. Just how do you get more women to drink and appreciate beer? A microbrewer from Ishikari, Japan just might have found a way. With help fr...

By in the section Beer Matters


In the first in a new series on the history of beer Dominic Roskrow looks at its earliest origins

The length of time human kind has spent perfecting the production of alcohol from grain is probably matched only by the time spent improving weapons to kill other humans. Indeed which came first woul...

By Dominic Roskrow in the section


The thirst for microbrewed beers in sunny Australia is growing and growing, none more so than for Little Creatures. Andrew Catchpole visited it

Good beer, shame about the name, what about calling it Dead Croc?” So quipped one Aussie wag upon his first taste of Little Creatures Pale Ale. For those readers who have yet to have the pleasure, it’...

By Andrew Catchpole in the section Spotlight


Adrian Tierney-Jones scouts out the best beers and the best bars in the French capital

At the start of the 1990s I was a guest in the house of a well-known French writer, an octogenarian intellectual who reputedly drank two bottles of wine a day. Neither of us could speak each other’s ...

By Adrian Tierney-Jones in the section Beer journeys


We've all thought about it...Nigel Huddleston shows us the way

Hundreds of beer-mad individuals in Britain and the States have jacked it all in to pursue the dream of owning their own brewery. But how exactly did they get where they are today and what’s the best ...

By Nigel Huddleston in the section


The Beer Shop at Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot, Devon has taken the idea of souvenir store to a
whole new level. Richard Jones reports

You could say I have a sweet tooth. Like the proverbial stick of seaside rock, if you cut open my canines, molars and incisors (don’t, please), you’d find ‘Tate and Lyle’ imprinted in the core. So tho...

By Richard Jones in the section Spotlight


Tim Hampson lets the train take the strain as he explores the age-old romance between
beer and steam power

I love pubs like the Cornmill – modern, lively, sassy and with a story to tell. If location itself made a perfect pub then the Cornmill, Llangollen in North Wales would be one of the best in the world...

By in the section Beer Trends


In the first of a new series, Roger Protz looks at the history of India Pale Ale

Is it fanciful to describe a beer style as “revolutionary”? In the case of India Pale Ale, which transformed brewing on a world scale and paved the way for golden pilsners, the answer must be an emph...

By Roger Protz in the section Beer Styles


Andrew Catchpole talks to Bart Verhaeghe, one man on a crusade to bring more Belgian beer to Britain

Croydon, an area of London known for its binge-drinking culture and bouncerstudded bar strip, may seem an unlikely venue for a festival of rare and highly original artisanal Belgian beers. But beyond ...

By Andrew Catchpole in the section Spotlight


The busy Witney brewery in Oxfordshire is home to Wychwood and Brakspear beers. We chat to Rupert
Thompson, chief executive of owning company Refresh UK

How do you look back at business in recent months? For the British beer industry it has been challenging – the summer was not as good as we would have hoped given the football and the warm weather, a...

By in the section Last Shout

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