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Beers of the World author Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans visits the Weltenburger brewery in Germany; the oldest Abbey brewery in the world (without the monks).

The Danube is a wide and lazy river. As the pleasure boat chugs calmly upstream it sends a light, rippling wash over stony little beaches on either side. Apart from the splashing of the occasional canoeist, there’s nothing else to disturb the languid, olive-green water as it meanders its way through...

from Issue 15 published on 01/12/2007

Jeff Evans discovers the beers and breweries of Wales

Growing up in South Wales in the 1970s, my interests were rock music and beer. Sadly, there was not much to shout about locally on either account. The big bands seldom crossed the Severn Bridge and there was little of indigenous musical note. It was the same with beer. I might have acquired a taste...

Regional Focus from Issue 13 published on 03/08/2007

Jeff Evans attends a tasting of the Fuller’s Vintage Ales, 1997-2006

I love the phrase “vertical tasting.” There’s something laughably paradoxical about it. Brewers like to use it when presenting beers of different vintages, so you can see how a brew has matured from year to year. Such beers tend to be rather strong, so vertical is the last adjective I’d choose to de...

Spotlight from Issue 9 published on 22/11/2006

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