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Beers of the World author Glynn Davis

Hotels are waking up and taking beer more seriously. Glynn Davis reports

The recruitment of a chief beer officer (CBO) by the ‘Four Points by Sheraton’ hotel chain not only gave Scott Kerkmans his dream job (out of 7,800 applicants) but also signalled that beer is increasingly being used as a point of difference by hotels. Pete Lesser, senior director of food and bevera...

Beer Trends from Issue 13 published on 03/08/2007

Britain’s independent family brewers are under increasing amounts of pressure, but many of them are doing better than ever. Glynn Davis reports

'Yet another casualty as family sells’, ‘Is the end near for Britain’s independent breweries?’ and ‘Trouble’s brewing – but independent beer makers fight on’ are among a host of recent headlines that have highlighted just how difficult it is for brewers to remain independent. Among the independents...

Beer Trends from Issue 9 published on 22/11/2006

Some of England's regional brewers are establishing brewery outposts far from home. Glynn Davis reports

It’s not exactly surprising that breweries look to open pubs that are relatively close to their brewing operations. This makes delivering their carefully crafted beers a simple exercise and simplifies the issue of visiting the boozers to keep an eye on operations. There’s also the issue of managemen...

Beer Trends from Issue 8 published on 27/09/2006

It might not be widely recognised, but Carlsberg is a progressive and innovative company, and that’s because of its founder, Jacob Christian Jacobsen. Glynn Davis reports

To most beer drinkers who live outside Denmark the name Carlsberg conjures up only one thing – the famous green-labelled lager. It is this pilsener-style brew that is ubiquitous in drinking establishments the world over. But it would be a mistake to think this is all Carlsberg produces as there is ...

Spotlight from Issue 7 published on 28/07/2006

Once the capital of British ale production, Burton-on-Trent was world-renowned for its beer-making resources. And as Glynn Davis reports, it still casts a long shadow

It is widely known that London’s St Pancras Station is undergoing a major redevelopment as it becomes the new terminus for Eurostar but what is less well known is that the beers of Burton on Trent are having an impact on this construction work. The platforms are being raised 20 feet above street le...

from Issue 6 published on 18/05/2006

Welsh brewer Brains combines a thoroughly modern approach to its business with the very best of traditions. Glynn Davis reports

It might be about to enter its 125th year as a brewer in the centre of Cardiff but Brains is a thoroughly modern-thinking company with family owners who continue to ensure that their charge has fire in its belly. From its award-winning marketing campaigns, innovative development of beers and inspir...

Regional Focus from Issue 5 published on 24/03/2006

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