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Beers of the World author Des de Moor

Des de Moor explores what can go wrong with bottled beer

If you’re a dedicated drinker of speciality beers from small brewers, then the chances are you will have experienced “gushing” – and not just from overeffusive beer writers heaping eloquent praise on their latest discovery. With great excitement and anticipation, you prise open the cap of the quain...

from Issue 19 published on 30/07/2008

In his continuing search for the world's best beer shops, Des de Moor visits rural Wales.

No longer a land of keg-only pubs closed on Sundays, Wales is currently one of Britain’s most dynamic brewing regions. The nation’s cultural independence and distinctiveness has been boosted further by devolution, including a renewed pride in its beer – whether from old-established independents cel...

Spotlight from Issue 19 published on 30/07/2008

Des de Moor shows that the Dutch have more to offer than just Grolsch and Heineken

Think of a once-proud brewing nation that not so long ago had become a virtual desert for discerning beer drinkers, where a handful of huge commercial brewers dominated the market, offering little choice but gassy, characterless international brand lager. Then think of a nation that within a couple ...

International Focus from Issue 18 published on 19/06/2008

Des de Moor visits Beer Mania in Belgium, a magnet for international beer lovers.

Browse the impressive framed collection of international press coverage on display at Beer Mania and you’ll find that most journalists who visit Brussels’ best specialist beer retailer write at least as much about the proprietor as his shop. Not surprisingly, since Nasser Eftekhari is a remarkable c...

Spotlight from Issue 18 published on 19/06/2008

Des de Moor visits legendary beer shop Beers of Europe at Kings Lynn in Norfolk, England

The United Kingdom’s biggest range of international beers, comprising more than 1,700 lines, can be found at a shop and warehouse in an industrial unit on the unpromisingly named Garage Lane, Setchey, just off the A10 on the rural southern outskirts of King’s Lynn. Surprising, perhaps, since the ol...

from Issue 17 published on 30/04/2008

Des de Moor visits the City Beer Store in sunny San Francisco.

San Francisco is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a reputation for both alternative lifestyles and fine food and drink. And a major tourist destination located in the heart of the one of the world’s most innovative and exciting beer regions. So it’s curious that city dwellers had to wait until ...

Spotlight from Issue 16 published on 25/01/2008

To chill or not to chill, that is the question. Des de Moor searches for the answer

The British, as everyone knows, drink warm beer. Or more accurately, they prefer their traditional ale at cellar temperature, rather than chilled. Though most Brits in truth now drink cold lager like everyone else, the fact that a sizeable minority continues to enjoy less refrigerated booze is heart...

from Issue 13 published on 03/08/2007

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