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Alan Ruddock Engineering

Manufactures malt mills for the brewing and distilling industries. Suffolk, UK.

Alumasc Dispense

Offers branded point of sale, taps, and decorated glassware.

Applied Beverage Technologies, Inc.

International sales, service and consulting for small-scale breweries, brewpubs, soft drink and water bottling plants, PET bottling making plants, boilers, grain-handling systems and glycol cooling systems.

Banner Equipment Company

Morris, Illinois manufacturer of dispensing equipment, including faucets, pumps, coolers, and regulators. Also offers equipment for homebrewers.

Manufacturers and distributors of beverage equipment such as the Beer Baron portable draft beer dispenser.

Bavarian Brewery Technology

New and used brewery equipment. Offers photo gallery, catalog, and news, as well as information in German, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese.

Photo-catalog of beer dispensers by

Brauhaus Austria

Brewing equipment for small breweries and brewpubs.

Slovakian manufacturer of equipment for brewpubs and small- to mid-size breweries. Company background, photos, references, and contact information.

Manufacturer of fully automated, computer controlled beer brewing equipment.

Selling draft beer control systems.

Cold Tap

Manufacturer and supplier of draft beer systems and supplies, table top system (alternative to a beer box), liquor dispensers and casino carts.

Creative Images

Provides premium tap handles.

Custom Laboratory Brewing and Malting Equipment and machinery

Custom Laboratory Products design and make laboratory brewing equipment to suit our customer's requirements. As our name implies Customised Products. We are a partnership involved with instrumentation design and manufacture primarily for the malting, brew


Manufacturer of self service draught beer vending machines.


San Marino-based manufacturer of ceramic tap handles. Also offers promotional ceramic products. Offers catalog and contact information.

Manufacturer of ceramic tap handles and ceramic beer dispensing towers.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc

Designs and manufacturers dispensing and storage systems for bars and brewpubs. Includes client list, products and services offered.

Manufacturers products to reduce excessive foaming from the tap. Includes product descriptions, company history, testimonials, and press releases.

IDD Process & Packaging, Inc.

Design and manufacturing engineers to the beverage industries for keg, pasteurization, filtration, deaeration, blending, carbonation, yeast management, cleaning in place, and mechanical handling systems.


Draft beer tapping and serving equipment for bars, pubs, taverns and homes.


Manufacturer of an aerospace inspired electropneumatic beer dispenser.

Specializing in draft beer equipment for home, restaurant and tavern use. Beer taps, refrigerator conversion kits, kegerators, beer line cleaning kits, home brew kegging kits. Online ordering.


Source for draft beer dispensing equipment and supplies. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kool Keg, Inc.

Custom handcrafted real wood portable bars, draft beer homebrew kegerators.

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland manufacturer of electronic keg gauges and dispensing monitor. Product descriptions, online quote form, product support, and contact information.

Maisonneuve Keg UK

Specialist manufacturers in stainless steel of kegs and casks, road tankers, brewery equipment, IBC tanks and containers, water and effluent treatment units.

McDantim, Inc

Manufacturer of gas blenders for the dispensing of beer. Company profile, products and distributors.

Meura, S.A.

Belgian company specializing in engineering, design, and manufacture of process equipment for breweries. Company history, news, products and services, and customer list.

Micro Matic Beer Dispensing Equipment

Global manufacturer and supplier of dispensing equipment, transfer valves, and gas delivery systems. Product descriptions, order form, customers, and distributors.

MossBrew for Microbreweries

UK supplier of microbrewery equipment and advice for large scale homebrewers and small commercial brewers.

Newlands Systems Inc.

Manufacturer of beer brewing systems and equipment.

North American Brewing Services

Specializes in used brewery equipment. Includes product catalog, testimonials, and references.

Pint Jacket

Produces cardboard sleeves for use on a pint glass. Company profile, products and sample details.

Polar Beer Systems

Manufacturer and nationwide distributor of remote beer dispensing systems and carts. Products include glycol chiller units, trunk lines, dispensers, novelty dispensers, CO2 equipment, keg shelving, equipment shelving, portable bars, and speciality concess

Sound Brewing Systems, Inc

New and used brewing equipment, turn-key brewing systems, design and consulting services, equipment appraisals.

Specialty Products International Ltd.

Complete turnkey brewery systems for restaurants, requiring no brewmaster or additional employees.

Manufacturing brewing systems in all sizes from small 3 1/2 barrel brewpub systems to large 100 barrel microbreweries.

Tap Systems Plus

Draft beer systems, conversion kits, taps, tap handles, and parts.

Online catalog of over 300 parts relating to draft beer equipment.

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