Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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The Little Beer Company (UK & Spain)

The Little Beer Company sell beer by the case. We have some great deals from some of the UK’s leading and prize winning breweries allowing you to buy your favourite beer in Spain.

40 Ounces to Freedom

Offering a selection of 40 ounce malt liquor beverages.

Amazing Beer

Ships a twelve-pack of three different microbrewed beers to members each month. FAQ, gifts, and membership pricing.

Supplying selections from several different breweries, plus wine, T-shirts, hats, and a beer of the month club.

Two naturally brewed premium quality beers: full strength King Lager and non-alcoholic Colstar.

Offering mixed cartons and Beer of the Month plus news and events.

Beer on the Wall

Providing private label for both regular brew and root beer, plus a selection of gift baskets, and monthly club memberships.

Offers a variety of European and U.S. craft brews. Ships to most U.S. states.


Large selection of Belgian beers. Ships globally. Also contains information about Belgian breweries.

Belmont Station

Includes available beers organized by brewery, as well as cider, mead and sake. Ships to most U.S. States.

Retail and wholesale U.S. and international selections and related merchandise.

Bier Keller Limited

Mail order beers from Germany.

Canadian Beer Club

Provides home delivery in Canada of 12 or 24 craft-brewed beers each month. Offers beers from Australia, India, Canada, United States, Belgium, and England.

Great American Beer Club

Ships a 12-pack of three types of microbrewed beer to members each month. No minimum term.

Harveys Brewery Online

Provides beer, ale, wine, posters, rugby shirts, baseball hats, coffee mugs, leaded glasswear, and other related items.

Receive twelve beers in four styles monthly from American microbreweries.

Keg of the Month Club

Olde Hickory Brewery beer shipped in 5 liter mini-kegs. Includes brewery history, brewing process, and descriptions of beers.

Delivers Belgian beers worldwide. Catalog organized by style. Includes FAQ and ability to track orders.

Malt of the Earth International

Club offers shipping of two six packs of U.S. and Canadian microbrews each month.

Features a complete range of beer from the Czech Republic.

The Micro Beer Club

Offers a variety of U.S. craft brews. Gift subscriptions, monthly newsletter, and FAQ.


Beer and related merchandise.

World Beer Direct

Offers a variety of monthly clubs with American microbrews and imported selections.

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