Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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A Philosophy of Beer and Life

Humorous philosophy of the important things in life and how beer fits in.

Homebrewer describes his hobby and past recipes, including custom labels.

Six college roommates review beer and share their comical personal experiences at school with the internet audience.

Arjen's BeerPage

Information about beer, collecting, and glassware. Includes directories and guides.

Arrys Special Brew Site

Tribute to Carlsberg Special Brew lager.

Austrian Beer Guide

Features Austrian beer, breweries, pubs, taverns, and other places to drink with reviews, addresses and directions Includes scans of Bierdeckels and labels.

Backyard Brewing

Photo history of friends and their brewing adventures.

Read all about foursky, wormsie, and doogie's machine that automatically mixes and dispenses alcoholic drinks.

Basement Bootleggers

Includes information on History of Beer, Beer Styles, Brewing FAQ.

Beer And Hockey

Offers beer reviews, humor, directory of hockey links, merchandise and discussion forums.

Beer Guys, The

Reviews, games, humor, and more.

Beer is for Winners

Weblog with beer and other news and humor. Includes discussion forum.

Beer Me!

Features regional brewery guides, style information, articles, and thousands of reviews.

Beer Sweet Beer

Provides information about beer, festivals, history, news and humor.

Detailed information on a variety of Scottish and English beers.

Offers motion-detected web cam inside a beer fridge, discussion forum, humor, and multimedia files.

Based in Rossett, North Wales, focuses on the virtues of Real Ale and reviews pubs and breweries throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Belgium and Germany Beer Tour

Travelogue of three friends on their 1999 Beer Tour of Germany and Belgium.


Weblog with news items related to beer, brewing and real ale. Also includes calendar of beer festivals in the United Kingdom.

Boll Weevil Brewery & Darts

Photos of homemade kegerators, immersion chillers, general brewing links, and personal journal.

Offers beer reviews and homebrewing tips as well as barbecue recipes and sports discussions.

Learn about beer types and styles and how to get more from that glass of beer.


Offers tips and discussion forum.

Brewmaster 808

Homebrewer in Hawaii offers tips, instructions, and photographs on homebrewing and homebrew equipment.

Bulldog Brewery

University of Georgia alumnus becomes a homebrewer.

Bunny Brewing

Contains information on homebrewing, including recipes and techniques.

Beer facts, recipes and general musings. Also offers t-shirts.

Offers tests for drunkenness, tips for building a pub, message board, drinking photos, and more.

Features drinking games, beer humour, Australians cultural love of beer and useful information about beer.

D&C's Beer Site

A beer site with beer links, a club, and news.

Deer Island Homebrewery

Information on homebrewery and homebrew club in Oregon.

Drastic Mezures Malt Liquor Review

Offers reviews, photos and discussion forum.

Fans of this beer, with photos.

Recipes, links, brewery listings, beer reviews and book reviews.

A fictitious picobrewery that features homebrewing information and recipes.

Falls City Brewing Co. Louisville, KY

Fan site for this closed brewery. Includes history, breweriana, and photos.

Falstaff Beer & the Falstaff Brewing Corporation

A fan history site for the Falstaff Brewing Corporation. History of the company, pictures of the breweries, and breweriana. Also pages on the Carling-National, Jos Picketts, Walters, and Falls City Breweries.


Includes beer news, games, links, recipes, jokes, style information, and guestbook.

Drinking holiday for college students at Briar Cliff University.

Offers over 1300 brewery and beer-themed desktop wallpapers. Also includes beer humor and fact pages.

Dedicated to the beer bong and all high speed drinkers.

Emphasis on the brewing process at Saskatoon's regional brewery, Great Western.

History of the Olympia Brewing Company

History of Leopold Schmidt's Capital Brewing Company and Olympia Brewing Company of Tumwater, from 1896 to present. Includes labels and other breweriana.

Holly Pond Brewery

Fairfield, CT homebrewer of a variety of ales. Includes latest brewing activities and recipes.

Homebrew Obsession

Offers tips, brewing dictionary, recipes, photos and discussion forum.

Contains an interactive beer tasting sheet for rating beers.

Jet Powered Beer Cooler

Includes story, history and photographs.

Josh Button's Homebrew Page

Personal recipes and reviews.

Kaiers Brewery

History of the Kaier family and Kaier's brewery from 1862 until it closed in 1968. Includes advertising, breweriana, and photographs.

Kane's Homebrew

Some thoughts and history on beer and homebrewing.

How to build, maintain, and buy kegerators.

Swedish beer club, KulturFöreningen ÖlDemokraten, describes its taste tests of over 1200 beers.

Labels du Homebrew du Lisa

Homebrewer's custom labels, with background.

Journal of Philadelphian attempting to visit every bar with a Happy Hour.

Laughing Ass Brewing Company

Hobbyist sells custom merchandise. Includes upcoming events, recipes and background.

Mark's Beer Trek

Devoted to beer traveling with reviews of brewpubs, breweries and events.

Tips and brewing tools, as well as a history of brewing experiences while a Ph.D. chemistry student.


Guide to microbreweries and pubs in Italy. Offers ratings, homebrew tips, and a label gallery. [Italian/English]

Ministries of Ale Drinkers for Enlightenment

Humorous look at drinking beer. Includes forum.

My Life Is Beer!

Oliver and Geoff's Homebrew and Beer Page

Presents homebrewing tips and recipes for the beginner and advanced brewer. Includes reviews of beers from around the world.

Opinionated Beer Page, An

Archive of beer reviews organized by country.

Short list of public houses in Wales.

Includes homebrewing journal. Also offers humor, news and entertainment.

Based in Portland, Oregon. Includes events, meeting location, photo gallery and directory of links.

Pfeiffer Beer: A Tribute

Includes brewery history, photos, interviews, stories and a message board.

Private Stock Custom Ales

Brewing tips and recipes from Wisconsin homebrewer.

Ray's World of Beer Bottles

Personal beer bottle and can collection with facts, photos, stories, jokes and games.

Rogue's Reviews

West of Scotland pub reviews and pub stories, games, sounds and pictures. Includes history, news, and updates.

Ron's Chicken Soup for the Beer Drinker's Soul Page

Lists famous beer-related quotes.

Photos and stories about darts, homebrew, beer, and parties surrounding family bar with links to Southern New Zealand sites of interest.

Personal homebrewing page with recipes.

Schertz, Texas homebrewer lists his awards and future plans.

Shrine to Suds

Contains beer lexicon, ratings, beer bottle picture gallery, and more.

Shrine to Suds

Personal beer ratings organized by region, drinking lexicon and beer screensavers.

Skirvings' Bottled Beer Guide

Tasting notes for a thousand bottled beers from all over the world arranged alphabetically by country, brewer, and name of beer.

Smudge and Friends

Local guide to pubs in Hamilton, Motherwell, Cambuslang and East Kilbride. Includes reviews and gallery.

Spencer's Beer Page

Recipes and general information.

Spencer's Beer Page

General beer information and homebrewing tips.

Superfly42024's Homebrew Links

Categorized links related to beer and homebrewing.

The 3 Gents

Friends review and discuss beers of the world. Includes descriptions of their top beers, current exploits, log books and background.

Beers from around the world sorted by rating, name, location, and style. Includes beer labels and links to breweries and other beer related sites.

The Beer Guys

Five guys on a quest to find the world's best beer. Includes beer reviews, travelogues and photos.

The Beer Quiz

Test your knowledge of beer, primarily Belgian styles. Immediate results.

The Brauhaus

Homebrewer's journal. Also offers online brewing resources, supply stores, and recipes.

Basic homebrewing instructions and necessary equipment.

The Corner Tavern

Offers beer myths and facts, as well as drink of the month, effects of alcohol on physiology, photos, personal interests, quotations, and sociology papers.

The Creation and Evolution of a Homebrewery

Description and photos.

The Shinerman's Monument to Excess

Drinking and traveling and things in between.

Two brothers sharing homebrewing information. Includes beer facts, recipes, brewery links, and guestbook.

This Old Kegerator

Instructions for making a kegerator from a personal perspective.

Swedish homebrewers who started in 1993. Offers history and illustrated brewing process. [Swedish/English]

Offers homebrew software, beer judge certification information in a variety of formats, hot sauce recipes and a diary of building a walk-in cold box.

Combines the love for rats and beer. Contains articles describing the founder's travels involving beer and rats, as well as collections of beer glasses and labels. - Beer Page

Personal opinions on different types and brands of beers.

Wesi's Beer World

Personal reviews for swiss, american, and mexican beers.


Includes recipes, trivia and personal interests.

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