Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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Ale Trail

Offers a selection of beer gear, including home brewery kits, mugs, and t-shirts.

America's Best Beer Funnels

A selection of valve, tube, and funnel combinations.

Bar gear, t-shirts and promotional items from Australian and other breweries and distillers.

Beer Collections

Supplying brewery, beer, wine, and novelty products. Items indexed by name, state, or brewery. Gifts and gift certificates available.

Drinking gear store, with shirts, caps, coolers, glasses and other related merchandise.

Offers cowboy hats made out of beer cases.


Combination money clip and bottle opener. Offers engraving and promotional logos.

Featuring neon signs, banners, tin signs, glasses, and tap handles. Brands include Budweiser, Corona, Guinness, and Coors Light.

Offering taps, keg refrigerators, yard glasses, shot glasses, mugs, draft equipment, home brewing kits and other related merchandise.

Testimonials, instructions, photos, and videos. Also offers wholesaler and volume pricing information.

Victory Brewing brewery logo apparel and merchandise.

Celtic Treasures

Offers breweriana from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Also offers flags and recipes.


Custom-built Kegerators. Before and after photos, history.

Offers branded t-shirts from defunct Rex Beer by Standard Brewing Company.


Custom made and decorated bottle openers. Retail and wholesale sales. Also leather coasters, tap handles, railroad spike openers, wedding, and gift ideas.

Bespoke bottle openers in key chain, desktop and presentational styles.

Disguise can wrappers

Wrappers that change the look of beer cans to soft drink cans.

Neon and lighted signs. [Requires Flash] [May not work in all browsers]

Drawbox Beer Dispenser

Portable dispenser keeps beer cold without electricity. Photos, description, ordering information.

Clothing with label artwork by Hunter S. Thompson, and Ralph Steadman, promoting the Flying Dog Brewery.

Specializes in home draft systems such as kegerator, keg fridge, conversion kits, home bars, and draft equipment.

Kentucky Ale

Source of beer related items including pint glasses, hats, shirts, survival tool, and other merchandise.

Stainless steel rings that open beer bottles. Available for a wide range of finger sizes as well as personalization options.

Merchandise includes apparel, towels, and coolie.

Pub Decor

Suppliers of bar signs, neons, beer glassware, and other pub related items.

PubWorld Memorabilia

Items for home pubs and bars, including coaster collections, branded bar towels, and unique pub signs.


Offers T-shirts with current and retro beer labels and slogans.

A necklace that holds beer cans, to keep the user's hands free.

Features a variety of fun bottle openers in English and Spanish language.

Taphandles Inc

Custom wood and resin tap handles, tap markers, labels, finials and ferrules for breweries, brew pubs, and home brewers.

The Drunken Goat Brewing Company

Licensed merchandise from brewers and distillers, as well as beer novelty items.

The Lime Bomber

A device used to squeeze a wedge of lemon or lime and insert it into a bottled drink.

Guinness Stout posters, t-shirts, coasters, rugby balls, glassware, and other Guinness logo items.

The Pub Shoppe

Authentic British pub supplies including a large selection of British pint glasses, bar towels, and Guinness merchandise.

What's On Tap

Pub, beer and spirits paraphernalia, t-shirts, hats, signs, posters, glassware, and home bar accessories.

Ye Olde Breweriana Shoppe

Offers pre- and post-prohibition advertising items, including trays, lighted and non-lighted signs, coasters, statuary, and tap handles.

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