Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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All About Beer: Jackson/Papazian Interview

Homebrew legend charlie papazian and drinks writer michael jackson discuss the world of beer in this 1996 article.

Celebrate the flavor and diversity of american-made beer during the month of july.

American Brewery History

Learn about the history of beer, brewing, and breweries in america.

American Brewery History Page

Dedicated to beer and brewing history in America. Provides library of articles, photo gallery, breweriana links, and newsletter subscription.

Arjen's BeerPage

Information about beer making and cooking with beer, glassware, chat, and more.

Arry's Special Brew Site

Devoted to the culture and history of carlsberg special brew.

Ask the Golf Guzzler

Answering those important questions that relate to beer and golf.

Association of Brewers: Beer Information/Education

Includes a dictionary of terms, beer style guidelines, tips for pairing beer with food, recommended reading materials, and much more.

Bacardi Silver

Official site. Offers details of sponsored parties. [Requires Flash player]

Beer 100

Lists brewpubs and microbreweries throughout the United States. Offers information on brewing and supplies.

Beer Advocate

Guide to beer, breweries, and brewpubs. Features searchable directory, regional listings, and user reviews.

Offers the alcohol and calorie content of many popular beers.

Beer Church

Making the world a better place, one beer at a time.

Beer FAQ Index

Beer FAQ from the usenet newsgroup.

Offers daily beer news and articles, free newsletter, and link directory.

Beer Info Source

Includes a library of information, a guide to starting a microbrewery, classifieds, faqs, and more.

Beer is Good For You

Offers links to articles on the effect of beer on health, famous beer quotes, humor, news feed, glossary, reviews, and merchandise.

Beer Lovers World

Directory of brewpubs and microbreweries, magazines, and sites.

Beer Me

World wide brewery guide with a listings for several thousand breweries and beers, many with tasting notes.

Beer South

Southern USA guide to beer, breweries, and events. Also microbrewer and brewpub listings.


Features recipes, chef profiles, and articles about beer and cooking with beer.


News, articles, stories, information, reviews, and discussion forums.

Beershots Photo Gallery

Microscopic views of beers from around the world.


Links and information about ales, lagers, and other beers.

Features archive of beers with pictures, ratings, and drinking guides. Also offers homebrew recipes and food recipes using beer, and forums. [May not work in all browsers.]

Offers beer news, homebrewing information, beer and food pairings, recipes, beer reviews, and beer discussion forums.


Searchable database of brewpubs, microbreweries and beer festivals. Online auction for professional, and homebrewing equipment.

Dedicated to gathering and providing information about beer. Includes recipes, games, brewcams, reviews, and more.

Brian's Belly

Where guys can go to eat, drink, and be heavy.

Chicha Page

History, recipes, tasting notes, and more about the corn-based beverage.


Directory features beer travel, brewpubs, reviews, beer festivals, and homebrewing information. Worldwide information, with a Georgia focus.

CNNMoney: Jack Daniels, Miller Brewing introduce hard cola

Vanilla Coke too sweet? Blue Pepsi too ... blue? Never fear. America's craving for bizarre beverages now has another potential savior -- a cola that can get you drunk.

Cocktail Times: Ready To Drink Fact Sheet

Descriptions of the most popular malternatives, including taste, launch date and producer.

Aims to expand appreciation of craft-brewed beers and homebrewing. Offers homebrewing instructions, user-submitted recipes, and "sightings" of unusual beers.

Exclusive Beer and Mineral Co Ltd, The

Importers and distributors of german and belgian bottled and keg beers.

Falstaff Brewing Corporation

Fan page includes history of the beer, images, and information about numerous falstaff collectibles.

Brewed by Imagen in Ireland. Description and company contact information.

Short article on the ancient beer style made with a combination of herbs.

Henry's Beer Links

Categories include breweries, reviews, and organizations. Features a random beer quote generator and industry news.

Hoopers Hooch

Official site of United States Beverage brand. Includes style descriptions, merchandise and mixed drink recipes.

HowStuffWorks: How Beer Works

Illustrated narrative describes this natural product's ingredients and how brewers make it, with many related links. Also, home brewing information.

Jan's Beer Pages

Extensive beer database, links, information, suggestions and more...

Jet Powered Beer Cooler

The story of a shed, a warm beer, and a home made jet engine.

Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter

Features tasting notes, information on beer styles and food pairings, and reviews of beers, breweries, and events.

Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter

Beer guide, reviews and tasting notes. Editorials, event listings, history of beer.

Mike's Hard Lemonade

Official site. Offers sweepstakes, available styles, ad campaigns and photo gallery of fans. [Requires Flash player]

Reviewer of beers, bars, and brewing establishments.

Offers chat, tasting notes, links, pronunciation guide, and more on belgian beers.

Netbeer: Ars Coquendum

Forum on central European beer culture and brewing tradition. Information for homebrewers and beer lovers. Beerlinks, beery dishes, pin board (BBS), guestbook and entertainment.

Describing beers and brewers, and with links to brewers homepages. the world of beer on the internet!

Professional Brewers Page

Resource for brewers and the beer industry in general.

A guide to the greatest beers of the world, and the best places to drink them.

Get information on a beer, send a picture to a friend via email.

User ratings, forums, and resources.


News and info about beer, searchable brewery and pub databases, festival and event calendar, and more.

Portal with searchable brewery and pub databases. Also news, festival, and homebrew event calendars. Weblog.

Spirited usenet discussions about high quality beers from the united states and around the world.

Roll Back the Beer Tax

History, overview, and impact of current taxation laws. Presented by anheuser-busch.

Samuel Adams Beer Glossary

From ale to zymurgy, the science of brewing.

Smirnoff Ice

Official site. Includes sweepstakes, multimedia downloads, electronic postcards, ad campaigns, FAQ and custom video mixer.

Spin the bottle: a consumer's guide to alcopops

Descriptions of alcopops on sale in the UK and elsewhere. Also provides summaries and links to articles.

Starchefs: Starbrewers

Interviews with brewers Bill Pengelly, Jim Khur, Al Marzi, Scott Zetterstrom, and Larry Lesterud. Includes recipes.

Stephen Beaumont's World of Beer

Articles from noted Canadian beer writer Stephen Beaumont. Beer reviews, tasting notes, editorials. Taste of the month.

Sticke Warriors

Informal group of beer lovers who converge upon düsseldorf, amsterdam, and antwerp for their annual fall festivals.

The Ingredients of Beer

A basic overview of the ingredients used in the creation of beer.

Guide to Belgian beer styles with descriptions. Audio pronunciation guide, tasting notes, glassware information.

Features news and reviews for video games, dvds, gizmos, beer, and just about everything that inspires most men to surf the web.

Freeing-up park benches worldwide with reviews of extra-strong lagers and ciders.

Ultimate Beer Bong, The

The result of uber-overengineering geek-ness, and large quantities of brew.

Virtual Beer Garden

What Ales You

Beer and brewery database. Dictionary of beer terms. Beer selection wizard. Homebrewer's databases for malts and hops. Ask the expert and user forums.

What Ales You?

World of Beer

Source for information regarding beer, beer flavor, and brewing.

Official site of the original malternative. Includes sweepstakes and wallpaper.

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