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Arjen's BeerPage - Glassware

Information about beer glasses, including a glass gallery.

Budweiser Beer Stein Reference

This is a reference guide for Budweiser steins (starting at CS1)and Ceramarte steins.

Chopes Collection

A collection of beer mugs, boots and pitchers as well as a useful research system for all breweriana collectors.

Dutch collector of beerglasses, links to breweries.

ipogios Beer Glasses Collection

Cyprus-based collector. Includes photos of glasses and contact information.

Skip's Steins

German steins and mugs. Skip's personal collection.

Stein Collectors International

This is the stein club to belong to in North America. Members include some of the owners of the best known German stein suppliers. The member publication is Prosit.

Stein Collectors International

Dedicated to the study, understanding, and appreciation of the art and culture of beer steins.

The Beer Glass Net

A nice site about collecting Beer Glasses and other brewing Paraphinalia.

The Beer Stein Library

hundreds of pages useful information all around steins. Special focus is the history and manufacturing techniques of steins.

The Beerglass House

Site features a international collection of beerglasses and other breweriana, links and news. Trading and exchanging possible.

Buying, selling and trading Anheuser Busch Budweiser steins.

ut bierhuys

site for collectors of beerglasses and other breweriana.

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