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Beers of the World Links :: Collecting Bottle Caps

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Pictures of caps from beer, lemonade and water bottles mainly from Scandinavia.

AKUdo's Crown Cap Collection

Scanned beer crown caps from all over the world.

A Canadian collector lists items in his collection, and a want list.

Alina presents her collection of caps from many countries, with images.

Austrian Beer Cap Collectors Page, The

International collection organized by country of origin.

Offers sets of Belgian beer caps. About 4 sets of 20 caps are available per year.

With picture gallery, chat forum, quiz, and more.

Beer Nation

Collectors of beer caps from around the world. Categorized by country and offers pictures. Some caps available for trade.

Beer cap collecting site with 100s of pictures

Bottle Cap Index

Search engine for online bottle cap collections, with more than 270'000 entries.

US collector with over 7500 caps. Images and guestbook.

Displaying hundreds of soda and beer bottle caps, with information about each cap.

Several collectors join together to exhibit their beer cap collections. Canadian, US, and international caps are pictured.

German collector of crown caps, with collection list and images.

Caesar's Bottle Cap Collecting Page

A Yahoo Group for bottle cap collectors wanting to trade caps.

Personal web site illustrating some trade caps, with helpful information for other collectors.

Celestial Crown Cap

Contains images, trade links and general information about collecting crowns.

Chris Stoudt's Bottle Cap Collecting

Contact information for a US cap collector.

Collection of ceramic beer bottle caps -

Collection of historic and current Hutter stoppers of beer bottles from breweries worldwide (more than 600 pictures of swingtops from 19 different countries).


A database of crown caps organized by brand and country of origin.

Erich Teister's Beer Bottle Cap Collection

A collection with a lot of scanned caps, trade images, scanned coasters, and beer labels.

Canadian collector of bottle caps from all over the world.

Hey! I Like Beer.

Some scanned caps, from one who collects only those from beer he has sampled. Slowly loading graphics.

Hippy's Lithuanian Caps

Collector site from Lithuania featuring local caps as well as worldwide collection.

Kees Booij's

A Dutch collector presents his crown caps, with many links, thematic crown caps, water caps and trade list.

Collection of caps from around the world, including many from Africa.

Linda's Crown Trading

Collector of picture crowns, with list of crowns for trade.

Contains scanned images, trading forum, collector's faq, and links.

Marcel's Beer Cap Collection

Swiss collector with over 4500 scanned caps, geographical search for caps, trading list, cap identification.

Collector of all kinds of crown caps.

French crown cap collector, with collection list and images.

Nando's Crown Caps Page

Dutch collector, with images of beer and soda caps for trade.

Renno's Beer Cap Page

Dutch collector lists over 11,000 beer caps in his collection, with images of Dutch and Belgian caps.

Rika & Willeke's crowncaps page

Two sisters from the Netherlands display images of their cap collection and encourage others to trade with them.

Resources and links for collectors, including images, chat area, FAQ, and other information.

The Bottle Cap Man

USA bottle cap collector with hundreds of soda and beer bottle caps listed for sale or trade. Bottle cap club information.

The Crown Cap Museum

Mark Woodward's internet museum features his crown collection, photos, links and other information about the hobby.

Finnish collector. Includes history of crown caps, chat, personal history, caps for trade and collector links.

Tino's Korkenseite

German bottle cap collector, cap gallery with over 17.000 pictures.

Udo´s page

Crown caps for trade, beer and soda, used and unused.

Wim Spijker's Crown Cap Collection

A Dutch collector of crown caps, both beer and non beer. Featuring a gallery of Dutch beer caps.

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