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Ale Trail

Offers glassware, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, signs, and more from breweries around the world.

American Breweriana Association

Dedicated to preserving brewery history.

American Breweriana Association

For collectors of Breweriana and those interested in brewery history.

Illustrated history of beer trays, with many photographs of American and Canadian trays. For sale and wanted lists.

Art's Beer Can Page

Collector and seller of quality beer cans, cone tops, flat tops, and pull tabs..

Beer Can Collectibles

Specializes in collectible beer cans, can guards, can wraps, reference material, breweriana, and more.

Beer Can Exchange

Offers wide selection for sale and trade of grade one or better cans.

Beer Can World

Buys and occasionally sells vintage flat top and cone top cans.

Beer Collections

Sells glassware, labels, posters, puzzles, and more.

Beer Gear

Offers glasses, shirts, caps, bottle openers and more to the craft brewing industry.

Beer, Breweries, and Breweriana of Upstate New York

Includes histories of breweries in buffalo, rochester, and utica. Includes photos and descriptions of attractive collectibles from the region.

Beer, Breweries, and Breweriana of Upstate New York

Histories and photographs of some interesting collectibles from some of the legendary breweries of Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, and the surrounding region.

Specializes in officially licensed beer clothing, t-shirts, hats, and other branded items.


Includes information, history, terminology, and related links.

Includes history and photos of antique and collectable beer trays.

Beery Bits and Bobs

Offering beermats, badges, towels, clothing, and more.

A collection of images of South American beer cans and beer labels, with page of links to other beer sites.

Breweriana and Beer Can Search

Beer cans, trays, openers, crates, signs, lamps, clocks, and other breweriana bought, sold, and traded here.

Breweriana and Beer Can Search

Cans and other breweriana for sale.

Breweriana Collector's Store

Offers all forms of beer cans and beverage memorabilia, such as mirrors, signs, patches, and tap handles.

Breweriana Collectors

List of collectors from all over the world, maintained by Jan Meinders.

Breweriana Exchange

U.K.-based collector with large collection of breweriana for sale or trade. Includes want list, pictures of items and classified ads for other collectors.

Breweriana from Beery Bits and Bobs

Selling brewery and beer related items and memorabilia.

Brewery Pictures

Large database of brewery pictures from around the world, categorized by country.

British Brewery Playing Card Society

Promoting the collecting of playing cards which advertise either beers or breweries. Membership information and list of links.

Bud Shop

Shop for anheuser-busch merchandise including budweiser, clydesdale, michelob, o'doul's, and more. Steins, apparel, signs, glassware, and other accessories.

Huge list of breweries, collector's pages, international meetings, and collector clubs around the world. Translations in multiple languages.

Some advice about building a collection of beer-related items.

Cumberland Beer and Advertising

Collector of various breweriana of the Queen City and the Cumberland Brewing Companies of Cumberland, Maryland. Includes photos and descriptions.

Breweriana collector, especially for Meisterbrau. List of items for auction as well as items wanted.

Offers a selection of alcohol, bar, and pub related equipment including optics, party equipment, games, and miscellanea.

Falstaff Brewing Corporation

Fan page includes history of the beer, images, and information about numerous falstaff collectibles.

Funhouse Collectibles

Offers neon beer and advertising signs, bar mirrors, pool table lights, tap handles, and more.

Great American Brewery Shoppe

Beer steins and other breweriana.

Official store selling t-shirts, hats, pint glasses, posters, and gifts.

A resource for collectors of Chicago breweriana, with photo library of rare pieces, collector pages, a calendar of Chicago area beer events and buy-sell-trade shows, links.

German breweriana collectors society, with information about membership, services available to members, and links to collector pages and brewery sites.

Kingston New York Brewery History

Brief histories of three Kingston, New York breweries, with images of items in a collection.

Larwood Limited

Buys and sells vintage beer cans.

Lemp Breweriana

Informational site devoted to the various types of breweriana from the william j. Lemp brewing company of st. Louis.

Lime Bomber, The

Offers a device to easily and sanitarily squeeze a wedge of lemon or lime into a bottle of beer.

Michigan brewery history and breweriana, with information about beer and brewery collectibles and ephemera, including photographs.

A collection of UK brewery and beer items, with want/swap lists, literature references, and related links.

Authorized retailer for miller beer logo merchandise including bar stools, bean bag games, inflatable chairs, and beer tubs.

Neon Nites

Sells neon novelty lights, clocks, signs, and supplies for games rooms and wet bars.

Ohio Breweriana

A collection of brewery items from Ohio, with histories of various breweries, photographs of numerous items, and information for appraising, collecting, and displaying Ohio beer and brewery artifacts.


Offers beer collectibles and beer antiques for sale or trade.

Collectible soda cans and embossed beer bottles.

Pat's Breweriana Trade Lists

Collector of US breweriana with trade lists for labels and coasters. Includes some photographs of collection.

Pioneer Beer Steins and Collectibles

Offers a collection of brewiana items including steins, glassware, coasters, tap handles, and inflatables.

Pub Paraphernalia

Gifts and souvenirs relating to the british pub.

Pub Shoppe, The

Pub Shoppe, The

Offers imported british imperial pint glasses, half pints, tankards, bar towels, playing cards, and other pub paraphernalia.

Pub Warehouse

Pub Warehouse

Carrying a line of english home bar accessories, from ashtrays, towels, pint glasses, and mirrors to yards of ale and guinness items.

Sells unique gift items, rare and antique advertisement signs, beer glassware, pub mirrors, neons, and more.

Saboo's Breweriana

Connecticut collector of primarily cans. Includes items for sale/trade and photos of collection.

The Association of Bottled Beer Collectors

U.K.-based association for collectors of commemorative bottled beers dating back to 1852. Offers background, history of bottled beer in the U.K. and valuations.

The BrewPalace

Beer database and bottle collection for beer enthusiasts. Images of many bottles and other items, with sometimes humorous commentary about various beers.

The Guinness Collectors Club

The official site for collectors of Guinness memorabilia. Online auction, forum, swap corner, history and other information.

The Trappist Beer Site

Dedicated to trappist beer and breweriana, with photographs of glasses, coasters, labels, and other items.

Tim's Beer Page

Contact page for a collector of labels and coasters, and other breweriana items.


Features a fair for collectors of all types of alcohol related memorabilia, held annually in Milton Keynes (UK).

Trappist Beer Site

Dedicated to french and belgian breweriana, including coasters, and glasses.

Trayman's Web Page

Featuring images and information about a variety of beer trays.

Combines the love for rats and beer. Contains articles describing the founder's travels involving beer and rats, as well as collections of beer glasses and labels.

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