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Campaign for Real Ale

Advocacy group that supports consumers rights in the United Kingdom and Europe with respect to the beer and drinks industry, aiming to promote quality, choice, and value. Site includes links to local branches, membership information.


List of pubs with proper facilities for the disabled plus North Wales pub of the year, events, and news.

Pub of the Year and Champion Beer of Scotland information and voting. About the branch and its festival. List of brewers.

Ashford Folkestone and Romney Marsh

News, festivals, publications, photos and an area map.

Includes information about their branch, plus a list of breweries, a schedule of upcoming events, local festival information, and an online copy of their newsletter.

Ayrshire and Galloway

Includes branch information, an online newsletter, and a schedule of upcoming events.


The official website of Barnsley CAMRA with information about pubs, festivals, and other news.

Includes an online newsletter, a list of local pubs and breweries, information on the Bath Beer Festival, and photos and accounts of club outings.


Reports and editorials, including festival reports, information about the next festival, and winners from previous festivals. Also includes a beer list, a schedule of upcoming events, and a list of local pubs.

Includes information on local pubs, bars, breweries, and festivals as well as feature articles, site archives and a schedule of upcoming events.


Information about their beer festival, history of the branch, schedule of upcoming events, and membership details.

Bristol and District

Local brewery list, schedule of upcoming events, and information about the Bristol Beer Festival.

Includes social calendar, news, branch information and history, and photos and information from the Burton Beer Festival.

Includes news, event listings, an online copy of their newsletters, and an FAQ. Information about the branch and the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival.


Covers Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys. News, events, festivals, and brewery news.

Chelmsford and Mid-Essex

Offers the Central Essex Real Ale Pub Guide for sale, plus branch meetings and social events, an online copy of their newsletter, and local beer festival information.


Includes the Out Inn Cheshire newsletter, branch diary listings, an FAQ, information on dining out in Cheshire, and festival information.

Branch news, list of upcoming events, features from the branch newsletter, and festival information.


Includes Gill's Jaunts, festival reports, branch news, and an activities list.

Includes an online newsletter, membership information, a list of local breweries and festivals, and a schedule of upcoming events. Also offers the guide, Real Ale in Cornwall for sale.

Offers local pub news, a schedule of upcoming events, feature articles, and information on the White Cliffs Winter Ales Festival as well as an online guide to local pubs.

Doncaster and District

Includes upcoming events, information about local breweries, and contact information.

Dudley and South Staffs

Beer festivals, membership information, local news stories, and pub of the year information.


Includes branch information, regional festivals and news.

Includes contact information, their online newsletter, local festival information, and a schedule of meetings and social events.

East Lancashire

Includes local news and events, where to find real cider, and local pub guide.

East London and City

Offers branch information, diary, and news plus information on the Pigsear Beer Festival and an online version of the East London & City Beer Guide.

Erewash Valley

About the branch and their area of coverage.

Includes a directory of pubs, breweries, cider makers, and beer festivals plus branch information and calendar.

Forth Valley

Information on real outlets within the area and local branch information, including events and socials.

About the Furness Beer Festival, including photos and reports from previous years' festivals, as well as other outing reports and photos

Offers contact information, a schedule of upcoming events, lists of local pubs and breweries, an online newsletter, and information about the Cotswold Beer Festival. Also sells copies of Real Ale in Gloucestershire.


Features the Gwent Online Pub Guide, plus an online newsletter and a schedule of upcoming events.

Halifax and Calderdale

Upcoming events, news, and a map of their region.

Heart of Warwickshire

Online edition of their newsletter plus champion beers, editorials, and information about their campaigns.

Herts And Essex Borders

Latest news, what's coming next, and information about the Harlow Festival and the Ongar Festival.

Huddersfield and District

Includes photos and reports from branch excursions, a list of upcoming events, articles and news from the branch magazine, and membership information. Also links to beer-related and local sites plus information on local breweries.

Isle of Wight

News about the branch, local pubs, and breweries, plus a feature on beers brewed on the Isle of Wight.

Keighley and Craven

Features information about the Keighley Beer Festival, awards, events, news, and a list of pubs in the area.

Provides information for the county with links to the branches in Kent. Includes news, brewery listing, campaign information, and festival information.

Kingdom of Fife

Features an online newsletter, feature articles, and a pub survey form as well as news, event listings, and contact information.


Information about their publications, including online copies of Full Measure, their bi-monthly magazine, a list of upcoming events, and information about their ongoing campaigns.

Lichfield, Sutton and Tamworth

Includes branch and festival information.


Includes branch calendar, guide to Lincoln Pubs and branch information.


Feature articles and real ale information. Also includes a schedule of upcoming events and a local pub directory.

Maidstone and Mid-Kent

Offers an online version of their newsletter, beer festival details, and a schedule for social events.

Mansfield and Ashfield

Articles extracted from Booze News, their quarterly newsletter plus contact information and a list of scheduled events.


Includes branch information plus information on local breweries and pubs.


Online version of Beer Gutter Press, the branch's newsletter, includes list of breweries, branch events, features and stories, and downloads of their publications.

North Bedfordshire

Details of campaigning activities, social events, and the Bedford Beer Festival.

North Devon

Local beer news, events, meeting dates and eBeer'tiz, the downloadable newsletter.

North Hampshire

Branch covers Andover, Basingstoke, and villages. Includes diary, festival information, pub news, brewery news and contact information.

Includes a schedule of upcoming events, an online version of their newsletter, and information about local beer festivals.

North London

Includes a list of branch pub awards, branch diary, newsletter, and local beer festival information.

The online guide to Real Ale and good pubs in Salford and North Manchester, including a definition of real ale. Also features information on local breweries, pubs, festivals, and other upcoming events.

Branch diary, activities, and newsletter, plus a list of breweries and information about their local beer festival.

Peterborough and District

Includes upcoming events, information about the branch and their festival, and a list of breweries.

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire

News, events, meetings, and a copy of their newsletter, Ale Mail. Also includes a cider page.


About their beer festival and their campaigns. Lists of local pubs and festivals, including a schedule of upcoming events.

Reading and Mid Berkshire

Features an online copy of the Berkshire Pub Guide plus information about the branch and its history, methods of serving beer, beer types, breweries in Berkshire, and details of the branch's campaigns.

Redditch and Bromsgrove

Includes local pub guide, pub awards, online version of their newsletter, branch diary, and contact information.

Richmond and Hounslow

Includes information about the Twickenham Beer Festival, a schedule of upcoming events, and local and branch news.

Rochdale, Oldham, and Bury

Information about Rochdale, Oldham, and Bury, including pubs, transport, and restaurants. Also a list of breweries, a schedule of upcoming events, and information about the branch.


Includes information about the Oakwood Real Ale & Music Festival, online copies of Inn Touch, the branch's newsletter, and membership information.

Contains information about the Salisbury Beerex and the Winterfest plus a schedule of upcoming events and local news.

About the branch, its upcoming events, news, history, and structure. Also a list of local breweries and pubs.

Pub listing, Shakesbeer Online, their quarterly newsletter, Fesitval File, branch diary, and a guide to free entertainment at pubs.

Sheffield and District

Local news, pub of the month, and information about past and upcoming events.

Shrewsbury & West Shropshire

Includes branch information, Shropshire breweries, and events listing.

South Bedfordshire

Information about the branch, its region, and its activities.

Includes news on local breweries, beer festivals and pubs, plus a branch diary and information about the South Devon Beer Festival.

Newsletter of South East Essex branch, featuring pubs, beers and breweries.

South East London

Information about the Catford Beer Festival and the branch, including meetings, news, and campaigns. [Requires Flash]

South Hampshire

Announces winners from the Eastleigh Beer Festival, plus a branch diary, an electronic edition of Hop Press, the branch newsletter, and a list of local breweries.

South Herts

Offers the Herts Real Ale Guide for sale plus news, events, festival information, and how to join their pub crawl.

Offers the Essex Beer Guide for sale plus information about the Thurrock Beer Festival, a schedule of upcoming events, and membership information.

Branch area, officers, and diary. A list of Stockport pubs, a pub survey form, and information on their festivals.

Includes a schedule of upcoming events, photos from their beer festival, news, and information on the Club of the Year.

Contains branch details, a brewery list, beer festival information, and articles from the free local magazine, Last Orders.


Links to Surrey branches plus an online version of their newsletter, a schedule of upcoming events, a list of breweries in the region, and a map of their region.


Includes information about the branch plus news and a schedule of upcoming events.

Tyneside and Northumberland

Offers a list of breweries and pubs, an online copy of their newsletter, and information about the Newcastle Beer Festival.

News and events, background, festival photos, and pub guide.

Includes information about the Halkyn Beer Festival, branch meetings, and pubs of the year. Branch area includes the counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire.

Vale of White Horse

Branch diary, pub database, and pub survey form, plus feature articles.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Schedule of upcoming meetings and pictures of past events.

Wakefield: From Ossett to Knottingley

Lists of commercial brewers, microbrewers, lost brewers, and maltsters. Information about the Merrie City Beer Festival. About the branch, including a list of upcoming events.


About the Walsall Beer Festival, including results from previous years, and a schedule of upcoming events.

Watford and District

Information on branch contacts, previous and future social events, and other branch news.

Wear Valley

This sub-branch of the Durham branch tracks beer prices through user input. Also includes news and a schedule of upcoming events.

West Berkshire

Includes local and branch events, a pub nomination form, an online version of the branch newsletter, and a guide to good pub food. Also sells the Berkshire Pub Guide.

West Norfolk

Event photos and listings plus news articles.


Includes event listing and newsletter plus information about their beer festival.


Features information from past and current festivals plus a branch diaryand local pub news.

Features photos of and information about local pubs, an FAQ, and prices and availability of beers at local stores. Also includes contact information and a schedule of upcoming events.


Includes schedule of upcoming events, map of the region, and online newsletter.


Includes news, a definition of real ale, festival information, pub listing, brewery listing, and a schedule of upcoming events. Also sells guides to Real Ale in the City of Worcester and Real Ale Around the Malvern Hills.


Includes features from their newsletter, information about local pubs, and a schedule of events. Also offers the Historic Pub Guide for sale.

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