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Arizona Craft Brewers Guild

Organization representing microbreweries and brewpubs in the state. Includes list of members, festivals, photo gallery, what makes beer, the brewing process and description of beer styles.

Brewers Association of America

Commercial brewers' trade association. Includes member brewers, event calendar, history and membership information.

Brewers Association of Canada

Trade organization. Includes member list, beer history, community outreach, press releases, statistics, publications and newsletter.

Brewers of Indiana Guild

Non-profit trade group focused on educating the public about the quality and variety of beer produced in Indiana. Includes member breweries, calendar of events, news, legislation, and merchandise.

Non-profit trade association of Maryland brewers. Includes news, member breweries and events.

British Beer and Pub Association

Includes history of beer, definition of beer types, beer facts, export statistics, trivia, press releases, career opportunities and publications.

Bryggeri- og mineralvannforeningen

Norwegian Brewers and Soft Drink Producers. Includes background, facts and figures, member list, project to discourage youth drinking and contact information. Available in Norwegian and English.


Danish Brewers' Association. Includes basic information, member breweries and staff information. Available in Danish and English.

Colorado Brewers Guild

Non-profit organization serving craft breweries and brewpubs in Colorado. Includes news and member list.

Garden State Craft Brewer's Guild

Association of restricted and limited brewery license holders in New Jersey. Includes list of members, calendar of events and Beer lovers' guide to the state.

Maine Brewers Guild

Non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the craft-brew industry in Maine. Includes background, news, history and member list.

Master Brewers Association of the Americas

Trade and technical association. Includes district information, annual convention details, publications and training courses.

Minnesota Craft Brewer's Guild

Non-profit organization promoting all Minnesota-based breweries, large and small. Members list, information on upcoming Brew Review Festival. Graphics-dependent.

North American Brewers' Association

Non-profit association established 1996. Aims to advance brewing quality and educate consumers. Background, by-laws, sponsored competitions, and awards.


Finland Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry. Includes press releases, statistics and links to members' sites. Available in Finnish and English.

Svenska Bryggareföreningen

Swedish Brewers' Association. Includes history, board members, member breweries, information on beer and soft drink production, packaging initiatives, statistics, alcohol policy and pertinent legislation, and contact information. Available in Swedish and

Trade organization founded in 1958. Represents brewers in 15 E.U. countries. Includes mission, member associations, staff, press releases, publications, activities and picture database.

Official website. Convention information, training and education, allied traders, news and historical background.

Non-profit trade organization. Includes contact information of member breweries.

Union of Belgian Brewers

Trade association. Includes background, details on the museum, community activities, publication, member breweries and press releases. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Vermont Brewers Association

Features Vermont Brewers Festival and brewery tour itinerary.

Washington Brewers Guild

Non-profit organization promoting small-scale brewing and microbrewed beers manufactured in Washington state.

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