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Established in 1834 in Drammen, Norway. Offers beer descriptions, list of U.S. importers and distributors, and contact information.

Abbaye du Val-Dieu

Aubel brewers. Contact and product information, ordering and history.

Abita Brewing Company

Abita Springs, Louisiana, brewers of Purple Haze, Fall Fest, Turbodog, Abita Blue, and Red Ale. Features history, virtual tour, menus, merchandise, beer and pub information.

African Beer Market

Overview of African breweries and brands. Includes statistical market and country information.

Winnipeg brewer of Catfish and Bison beers. Brewery tour, merchandise and advertising downloads.

Al Ahram Beverages

Located in Egypt. Brewers of Bira Stella. Includes products, historical information and information about brewing procedures.

Odense brewery. Includes history, beer descriptions, virtual tour, downloads and markets exported to. Available in Danish and English.

Alexander Keith's

Halifax, Nova Scotia brewer of India Pale Ale. Virtual tour, history, brewing process, events, music and store.

Brewery located in halifax, nova scotia, since 1820. Offers virtual brewery tour, brewery hours of operation, list of events, and more.

Alfa Bier

Limburg family brewer. Includes history, beer descriptions, virtual tour, e-cards and downloads, brewing process and awards. Available in Dutch and English.

Alken Maes

Belgian brewery with information about the brewery and its products. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Alken-Maes Breweries

Brewers of Grimbergen Abbey Beer, Judas, and Mort Subite. Corporate and brand information. Historical section.

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Offers hand crafted beers.




Amstel Beer, a brand owned by Heineken.


Amstel Light.

Includes contests, sponsored events, merchandise, history of the beer and advertisements.


Brewed in Curaçao by Amstel Curaçao. Includes contests, bar finder, events, e-cards and desktop wallpaper.

Amsterdam Premium Beers

Brewers of Mariner, Navigator and Maximator. Products, suppliers, breakout game and corporate information.

Anchor Brewing Company

San Francisco brewers of Anchor Steam, Porter, Old Foghorn, Christmas Ale and Liberty Ale. Includes local history, merchandise, beer and brewery information.

Anheuser Busch Supplier Diversity

The Partners In Economic Progress program promotes minority- and women-owned firms to do business with Anheuser-Busch and its subsidiaries. Features events, statistics, policy, and vendor information.


Brewers of Budweiser, Busch and Michelob beer.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

Take a virtual tour of the AB breweries.

Anheuser-Busch Companies Career Opportunities

Anheuser-Busch's listing of available job openings and career opportunities. Openings include management, engineering, IT professionals, scientist, quality control and office positions. Salary and benefits are listed; apply online.

Anheuser-Busch Environmental Website

A-B's site about its environmental efforts.

Official A-B site. Environmental performance (energy and water use, recycling and waste reduction efforts), health and safety performance and EHS Management system.


Antigua Brewery

Produces Wadadli and distributes other beer and soft drinks.


Japanese brewer. Corporate information and environmental reports.

Asahi - U.K.

Offers bars and retailers that carry their products, descriptions, promotions, news, and events. [Requires Flash]

Asia Pacific Breweries

Singapore-headquartered producer of Tiger. Corporate profile, financial results and press releases.

A site demonstrating Anheuser-Busch's commitment to the Asian Community.

August Schell Brewing Company

One of American's oldest breweries--founded 1860 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Augustiner-Braeu Muenchen

Munich's oldest brewery. Includes history, photo gallery, descriptions of beers, history of brewing, list of retailers, and information on Oktoberfest. Available in German, Italian and English. [Requires Flash]

Brewer of premium king lager and non-alcoholic colstar.

B. United International

Consortium of international breweries, with holdings in Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Belgium and England. Includes product descriptions, wholesaler and retailer order forms.

Badger Brewery

Independent brewery in the u.k. Brewing beers like tanglefoot and badger best.

Bass Ale Brewery

A national retailer and brewer with a large, varied portfolio and company history.

Bavik Brewery

Bavik brewery. Founded in 1894 in Bavikhove. Includes product list, history, virtual tour, brewing process, recipes, desktop wallpaper and videos. Available in English, Dutch and French.

Beamish Stout

Cork, Ireland brewer. Includes trivia, local slang, downloads, merchandise, advertising and history.


Facts and chat from the famous German beer.


Official site for the beer brewed in bremen, germany.

Beck's UK

Site celebrating the brands association with britart over recent years.


Humpolec brewer of unpasteurized beer. Includes history, tour information, wallpapers and screensavers, TV commercials and contact information. Available in Czech, German and English. [Requires Flash]


Icelandic-style golden pilsner.

Big Rock Brewery

Brewer of köld, grasshöpper, mcnally's extra, and a range of other craft ales.

Big Rock Brewery

Located in Calgary, Alberta, this producer of unpasteurized ales and lagers offers news, history, brand listings, and contests.


Brewers of Birkenhead Premium Lager in Stanford, South Africa. Local history and brew pub information.

San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy brewer. Includes product descriptions, interactive tour, beer style guide, beer glasses, beer trivia, photo gallery and health benefits. Available in Italian and English.


Beverage group established in 1817. Includes history, press releases, beer descriptions and virtual tour. Available in German and English. [Requires Flash]

Kappalbachtal brewer of Black Art Beer, Black Art Gold, Kappler Braumeister, Kappler Festbier, Doppel-Caramel, and Diabetic Beer. Beer descriptions, brewery history, and contact information.

Blue Girl Beer

Hong Kong brewer of traditional German lager. Includes history, contests, wallpaper and screensavers, company information, brewing process and promotions.


Brewer of bockor pils, bellegems bruin, and the jacobin line of lambics. Also in dutch.


Traditional english bitter.

Boon Rawd

Thai brewer of Singha, Leo and Mittweida brands. Includes corporate information, product and packaging information, production notes, and automated beer selector.

Boston Beer Company

Corporate site. Includes investor information, stock performance and press releases.

Boston Beer Company

Brewers of Samuel Adams ales and lagers. Includes news, history, media, store, activities, company and brew information.

Brasserie Cantillon

Brewer of traditional lambic, gueuze, faro, and kriek fermented with wild yeasts and matured in wooden casks. In dutch.

Brasserie Castelain

Bénifontaine brewers of Ch'Ti brand beers. Includes history, brewing process, descriptions of beers, merchandise and recipes. Available in French and English.

Brasserie d'Achouffe

Achouffe, Belgium. Pictures and history of the brewery, product list and importers. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Brasserie de Brunehaut

Brewer of de kopstoot and other bottle-fermented beers. Also in dutch.

Brasserie de Brunehaut

Values and brand information.

Brasserie de l'Abbaye des Rocs

Offering all-natural pure malt and blanche beers.

Brasserie de l'Abbaye des Rocs s.a.

Montignies-sur-Roc brewer of Abbaye des Rocs, Montagnarde and Blanche des Honnelles. Includes descriptions of products, importer list and history. Available in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English.

Brasserie de la Soif

Nantes brewer of Barbe Torte, Contrebandier and Willy Wolf. Available in French and English.

Brasserie de Silly

Belgian brewery.

Brasserie de Silly

History of brewery and beer details. Available in French, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Small Belgian brewers of Super des Fagnes, Old Porto's, and Apple's Beer. Includes products, virtual museum, brewery tour, brewing and contact information. Available in French and English.

Brasserie du Bocq

Brewer of blanche de namur, saison regal, st benoit, triple moine, and other top fermented beers.

Brasserie du Bocq

Family brewery in the Condroz region. Includes history, brand information with suggested food accompaniment, brewing process, history, contract brewing details, markets served and tour information. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Brasserie Dubuisson

Brewer of the bush and scaldis range of beers. Also in dutch.

Brasserie Dubuisson

Pipaix brewer of Bush. Company, historical information and philosophy.

Brasserie Dupont

Brewer of moinette, saison dupont, and avec les bons voeux. Also in dutch.

Brasserie Dupont

Tourpes brewer. Includes history, descriptions of beers, and information on cheese dairy and bakery. Available in French and Dutch.

Brasserie l'Achouffe

Artisanal producer of top-fermented belgian ales. Also in dutch.

Brasserie Meteor

Family-owned Alsatian brewery. Includes history, beer descriptions and photo gallery. Available in French and English.

Brasserie St. Feuillien

Le Roeulx brewer of St. Feuillien and Grisette brands. Includes history, beer statistics and descriptions, brewing process and tour information. Available in French, Dutch and English.

Brasseries Kronenbourg

Largest brewer in France. Brands include Kronenbourg, 1664, Kanterbräu, Gold, Brugs, Wel Scotch, Wilfort, Force 4 and Tourtel. Includes company information, virtual tour, history of beer, brewing process, brand information, employment opportunity and beer

Brasseurs RJ

Québec-based brewer of Belle Geule and Cheval Blanc brands. Includes recipes, reception hall, tours and production information. [English/French]

Part of Heineken International with brands across Europe. Includes history, management board, investor information, news, gallery, FAQ, and corporate structure. [English/German]

Brauerei Aldersbach

Includes history, tour and product information.

Brauerei Eichhofen

One of the 10 oldest breweries in Bavaria. More information available in German.

Brauerei Hopf

Brews exclusively wheat beers in Miesbach. Offers descriptions of beers, searchable database of retailers and wholesalers, collectibles and news. Available in German and English.

Brauerei Neunspringe Worbis

Offers history, tour information, descriptions of beers, merchandise and wallpaper. Available in German and English.

Producer of hopfenkönig, urbock 23°, and samichlaus.

Brauerei Weihenstephan

Touted as oldest existing brewery in the World. Includes history, merchandise, product list, importers, advertising campaigns and brewing process

Brewery Laško d.d.

Slovenian brewery. Includes history of beer and the brewery, product list, shareholder reports and multimedia downloads.

Brewery Rodenbach

Makers of top-fermented red ales matured in oaken casks. Also in dutch.


Ontario brewers of Brick, Formosa, Conners and Laker brands. Includes brand information, downloadable background images, historical and Oktoberfest information.


Brewed by pivovar nova paka. Offering light, kosher, lager, dark, and bock varieties.

BrouCzech Beers

Pivovarská-based brewer of BrouCzech. Tour, labels, history and archive.

Czech brewers of Opat. Product and historical information on neighboring breweries, and bottles, caps and other aspects of bottling.

Brouwerij Het Anker

Mechelen brewer. Includes history, virtual tour, descriptions of beers, information for on-site hotel and news. Available in Dutch, French, German and English.

Brouwerij Palm nv

Official site for makers of Palm, Dobbel Palm, Brugs Blond, Rodenbach, and Rodenbach Grand Cru. Features news, history, chat events, downloads, brewing process and beer information.

Brouwerij Roman

Includes descriptions of products, history, tour and contact information. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Brouwerij Strubbe

Ichtagem brewer founded in 1830. Includes history, beer descriptions and map. Available in French, Dutch and English.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Brewer of augustijn, bornem, bruegel, piraat, and gulden draak. Also in dutch.

Brouwerij-brasserie Van Honsebrouck

Includes descriptions of beers, the brewing process, recipes and list of importers.Available in Dutch, French and English. [Flash player required]

Bud Light

Bud Light history, events and merchandise.

Budelse Brouwerij

Budel family brewer. Includes history, descriptions of beers and brewing process. Available in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and English.


Official Budweiser beer site containing Anheuser-Busch history, commercials, screensavers and product information.

Budweiser Budvar

Czech brewers of Budweiser. Product and historical information. Details on drawing and process. Information on a lawsuit against the US manufacturers of Budweiser.

Budweiser Canada

Provides entertainment, history and a chance to be interactive with the nfl.


Busch Beer

Official Busch Beer Anheuser-Busch site contains fishing, hunting and Nascar information.

Mountain Crest Brewing of Calgary, Alberta contracts it's brewing to a Wisconsin company.


Brussels brewer of traditional lambics. Includes brewing process, descriptions of beers and wholesaler list. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Carib Brewery Limited

Trinidad. Brews include Carib Lager, Stag Lager, Mackeson Stout, Malta Carib. History, windows wallpaper and recipes.

Includes company information and background, international distributor list, advertisements and details on sponsored events.

Carlsberg Malaysia

Malaysian brewers of Carlsberg products including Green Label, Royal Stout, Carl's and Jolly Shandy.

Carlsberg Tetley

A major national retailer and brewer with a large, varied portfolio.

Carlsberg UK

Covers the five premium brands of the carlsberg brewery, including special brew, export, and the draught lagers. Also offers the chance to create your own ad with football agent.

Carlton & United Breweries

Carlton Cold

News and information about carlton united's cold filtered beer. Includes links, music, and sports cams.

Carlton Cold

Multimedia commercial for Carlton Cold. Requires Shockwave.

Carolina Beer & Beverage Company

Regional brewer in Mooresville, North Carolina. Includes descriptions of brands, merchandise, contests, events calendar and distributor list.

Cerveza Tijuana - TJ Brewery

Brewers of Dorada, Morena, and Lager beer brands. Includes history, descriptions, events, brewery photos and La Taberna information. [English/Spanish]

Chillers Brew Pub, Eatery and Offsale

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan craft brewers of dark, rich ales to light lagers. Includes menu and contact information.


The Trappist abbey de Scourmont. Historical information, guestbook and recipes.


Dedicated to the brewing art of trappist monks.

Church-Key Brewing Company

Micro brewery, housed in a 1878 methodist church.


Non-alcoholic beer brewed according to the reinheitsgebot of 1516.


Non-alcoholic beer brewer. Company background, importers, awards, brewing process, FAQ, commercials and downloadable wallpaper. [German/English] [Flash required]

Lager from bangalore. Site includes indian recipes.

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias

Canary Islands Beer Company. Includes history of company, descriptions of beer styles, brand and contract brand descriptions. Available in Spanish and English.

Coopers Brewery

Australia's only family-owned brewery. History, products (including beer kits), list of agents worldwide.

Coopers Brewery

Features the ales and lagers, home brew, coopers club, and more.

Coors Brewing Company

International brewers of Killian's Irish Red, Blue Moon Belgian White, ZIMA, Keystone, and core brands. Includes beer and tour information, history, facts, and news.

Brand information including commercials, contests and merchandise. (requires Flash)

Corona Extra

Offers contests, games, videos, FAQ, and merchandise.

Corona Extra

Corona Extra Canada

Features event and merchandise details, contact information, and more.

Creemore Springs

Creemore, Ontario. Brewery information, brands, products, fan club, store and events.

DAMM Group

Parent company for several brewers in Spain. Company information, history, products, tour information and distributor list. Available in English, Catalan and Spanish.

De Dolle Brouwers

Brewer of oerbier, arabier, boskeun, stille nacht, dulle teve, and other specialty beers.

De Dolle Brouwers

Located in Esen. Includes history, beer descriptions, reseller list and profile of artist Kris Herteleer. Available in Dutch and English.

De Gouden Boom

Bruges museum and brewery. Visiting hours, museum information. Product listing, and online brewing information.

De Gouden Boom

Brewer of steenbrugge dubbel, brugse tripel, and blanche de bruges. Also in dutch.

De Halve Maan

The Half Moon homebrewery, based in Bruges. Includes history, museum tour information and dining information. Available in Dutch, French and English.

De Koninck

Antwerp-based brewer. Recipes, event calendar and merchandise. Available in Dutch, French and English.

De Koninck

Golden ale brewed and bottled on the banks of the river schelde.

de proef brouwerij

Lochristi-based microbrewer specializes in recipe development and brewing on request. Members, history and brew tour.

Questions from securities regulators could push the merger between Adolph Coors Co. and Molson Inc. into next year.,1413,36~33~2568510,00.html

Tequila-flavored beer.

Diamond Beer Brewing Company

Helsinki brewer and importer. Includes descriptions of Diamond brand beers, information on imports and contract brewing, links to news articles and special orders. Available in Finnish and English.

Directory of UK Real Ale Breweries

Provides a list of real ale breweries in the u.k.

Double Maxim

Includes brief history, brand information, and list of stockists.

Dubuisson Brewery

Offers company information and history, philosophy, awards, beer descriptions, photo gallery and contact information. Available in French, Dutch, Spanish and English.


Includes history, description of the brewing process, and more.

Duvel Moortgat

Includes history, description of brewing process, descriptions of products, ad campaigns, downloads, tour information, investor information and merchandise. Available in Dutch, French, Japanese and English.

East African Breweries Ltd

African multi-national brewing Tusker, Citizen and Pilsner brands.

Eder's Family Brewery

Since 1779. Includes history, products and adverstising campaigns. Available in German and English.

Efes Pilsener

Beverage holding company based in Turkey. Includes corporate information, production statistics, brands, beer guide, list of importers, advertising campaigns and desktop wallpaper.

Einbecker Brauhaus

Includes product descriptions, virtual tour, beer glossary, company information and history. Available in German, Italian and English.

Emerson Brewing Company

Traditional brewers of fine ales and beers in Dunedin, New Zealand. Includes beers, awards, direction, and brewing process.

Estrella Galicia

Galicia, Spain brewer founded in 1906. Includes company history, descriptions of products, contact information and downloads. Available in Spanish, Catalan and English. (Requires Flash)

F&M Brewery

Guelph, Ontario renaissance brewers of StoneHammer Pilsner, Eramosa Honey Wheat, Special Draft, Royal City Lager, and Cream Ale. Includes FAQ, tour, brewing and contact information.


Brewers of Cisk beers in Malta. Product information and advertising materials. Information about other bottled drink products.

Feral Brewing Company

Craft brewery producing a range of ales and lagers. The brewery is sitated in the swan valley and houses a bar and restaurant.

Fort Garry Brewing Company

Winnipeg-based brewers of Fort Garry line, and Frontier Pilsner. Corporate profile, brands and news.


Brand promotion site, with wallpapers and contests.

Foster's Group

Australian brewer of Fosters, Victoria, Crown and Carlton. Corporate structure and results, international operations and brand information.

Foster's UK

Features the ads shown and products that are available throughout the u.k.

Offers history of this Munich brewer, as well as virtual tour, products, pouring guide, ad campaigns, screen savers and e-cards. Available in German and English.

Freedom Brewing Company

Fürst Wallerstein

Contains descriptions of products, advertising materials, news and downloads. Available in German and English. [Requires Flash]

Golden Lion Beer

Goulburn Brewery

Australia's oldest brewery. Includes history, brewing process, tour information and descriptions of beers.

Grain Belt

Minnesota lager beer now produced by August Schell. Includes news, history, merchandise offerings, and beer information.

Granite Brewery and Catering

A brew pub with locations in Halifax and Toronto. Offers bitters, peculiar, ale and stout, menus for each location, and memorabilia - merchandise. Gives contact information and e-mail for each location.

Great Western Brewing Company

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Products include Honey Wheat, Olympia and Great Western Gold. Awards, downloads and information on brewing.


Product and corporate information. Downloadable screen savers, merchandise, games and e-cards. Customer appreciation 'swingtop' points program.

Grolsch UK

British consumer site for the dutch beer.

Grupo Modelo

Parent company for several Mexican brands including Corona and Negra Modelo. Includes investor information, games, multimedia downloads, corporate information and history. [English/Spanish]


Siauliai brewer. History with pictures, beer description and contact information. [English/Lithuanian]


Official site includes pictures, posters, wallpaper, screensavers, and information on the company, its brewery and the ads behind the famous Irish stout beer.

Unofficial brewery guide.

Listing of the newsgroups concerning Guinness on the Net.

Hahn Premium

Halve Maan

Producers of straffe hendrik. Also in dutch.


Strong bottle-conditioned golden ale. In dutch.


Europe's largest brewery. Heineken beer is sold in over 170 countries.

Heineken Australia

Heineken International

Company information.

Henry Weinhard's Brewery

Hood River, Oregon historic brewers Private Reserve, Blue Boar Pale Irish Ale and Northwest Trail Blonde Lager. Descriptions, promotions and list of distributors. [Flash required]

Rochester, New York brewers of Genesee, Genny Light, Dundee's Honey Brown, Michael Shea's Irish Amber, and 12 Horse Ale. Includes beers, news, history, merchandise, and tour information.

Short history of the company and descriptions of its brands and styles.

Hofbräuhaus Traunstein - Bayern

Privately owned brewery. Includes history, descriptions of products, brewing process, event calendar and contact information. Available in German and English.


History of the brewery and descriptions of beers. [Czech/German/English]

Holsten International

Company information for importers, retailers and consumers. Includes e-cards, brewing process and company history.

Hoover's Online: Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Company profile and investor information including financial reports, news and analysis, industry analysis, competitor information, and company officers.

Brewed by Denninghoff Specialty Brewery in Giessen/Hessen. Available in German and English.

Created by merger of Interbrew and AmBev and headquartered in Belgium. Owns brands throughout the world, including Bass, Stella Artois, Hoegarden, Beck's, Brahma, Staropramen, and Leffe as well as smaller specialty brands. Corporate information, media and

Brewer of stella artois, jupiler, labatt, hoegaarden, leffe, and belle-vue.

Interbrew of Belgium owns several major brewery businesses.

J Boag and Son

Luanceston, Tasmania brewer. Includes tour information, history, beer descriptions.

J. Boag & Son

Includes brand details, history, merchandise, and more.

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

The Legend of the Northwoods. Includes a history, gift shop, a product listing, and the Leinie Lodge.


Friesian Brewery. Includes tour information, history, descriptions of styles and contact information. Available in German and English.

John Smith's

Makers of extra-smooth bitter.

Joseph Huber Brewing Company

Family-owned Wisconsin brewers of Berghoff lagers, ales, and bock beer. Includes products, awards, history, store, and tour information.


Official site of brewery in Panevežys. Contains information about types of beer, international recognition, advertisements and music.

Kalnapilis Brewery

History and photos for Panevezys brewer. Available in German and English.


Descriptions of beers, history, and brewing process. Available in German in English.

Malaysian brewer using traditional German techniques. Promotions, corporate information, product description, and events.

Kind Ale

Organic american pale ale brewed with a variety of malts and yakima valley hops.


Corporate site of Japan-based brewer. Research and development news, financial information and annual reports. (Also available in Japanese.)

Kirin Brewery Company

Japan-based brewer. Includes descriptions of beers, history, merchandise and past promotions.

Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle

Includes history, brewing process and product descriptions. Available in German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Finnish and English.


History of brewery, product information and news. Also available in Swedish, Finnish and Greek.

Královský Pivovar Krušovice

Established 1517. Includes history, virtual tour and details of beers. Available in Czech and English.

Krombacher Brauerei KG

Kreuztal-Krombach brewer. Includes history, export statistics, product descriptions, brewing process, games, and wallpaper. Available in German, English, Spanish and Italian. [Requires Flash]

Krönleins Brewery

Established in 1836 by Anders Julius Appeltofft in an old half-timbered house at Stora Torg in Halmstad. Offers product descriptions, news, history, virtual tour, brewing process, awards, and contact information. [Swedish/English]

La Tropical

This pilsner was Cuba's first beer. History, news and events.

Labatt Breweries

Company information, brewery tour. [English/French]

Lakeport Beverage

Hamilton-based brewers of Lakeport, Steeler, Mongoose and Truly Canadian. Company and product descriptions, downloadable advertising.

Latin Brews Sales Company

Contract and traditional brewer based in El Salvador and part of LaConstancia. Current brands, contract opportunities, company background, and information on El Salvador.


Evicted from their Mozambique brewery, this Portuguese beer is now brewed in Bavaria. Historical, brewing, product and collector information. Portuguese Colonial recipes.

Le Brewery

Joué du Bois microbrewer of Norman Gold, Ambrée d'Automne, Conquérant and Odo. Includes tour information, history of brewery, beer through history, beer production, press clippings and map of retailers. Available in French and English.


Historical information on this Belgian brewer.

Lion Nathan

Brewing beers in australia, new zealand, and china.

Lion Nathan

Brewing beers in australia, new zealand, and china.

Little Creatures Brewing

Small brewery producing pale ale. Includes news and events, trade section, and history of the brewery.

San Antonio, Texas brewer. Includes history, merchandise and sponsored events.

Longwood Brewpub and Restaurant

Nanaimo, British Columbia pub brewers of Woodies, Weizenbock, IPA, Czech Pils, Dunkelwiezenbrau, ESB, and Two-Penny Ale. Features restaurant and pub information, menus, beer list, and brewing process.

Löwenbräu Brewery

Munich brewer. History, postcards, screen savers and Oktoberfest information.

Magnotta Brewery

Ontario brewer of True North. Brewery information, beer terms, photos and articles.


Producer of belgian golden ales. In dutch.

Malonne Abbey Beers

Includes a brief history of malonne abbey and where to find the beer.

Malt Shovel Brewery

Micro-brewery producing amber ale.

Matt Brewing Company

Brewers of Saranac Beers including 12 Beers, American Pilsener, Adirondack Amber, and Black Forest. Includes products, news, availability, FAQ, brewery history and tour information. In Utica, NY.

Mažeikiu lokys

Brewery in Mažeikiai. Types of beer, history of the brewery.


Based in Montreal. Includes newsletter, recipes and information.

McAuslan Brewing

Site features an interactive beer-cap game.

Maker of craft brewed porters, Real Dark, and Red Lager. Craft brewing, merchandise and historical information. Information for new brewers on setting up business.

Mendocino Brewing Company

Information about brewery in Hopland, California, and its products, news and merchandise.

Brews and distributes old fart beer, sells online merchandise, and displays photos.

Meštanský pivovar

Havlickuv Brod brewer. Features brewery history, awards, virtual tour, product descriptions, wallpapers, and contact information. [Czech/English]


Official site for Michelob, Michelob Light, Amberbock and Michelob Ultra. Includes television ads, sponsored events, product information and merchandise. [requires Flash]



Malt liquor available in wide-mouth bottles.

Official site of Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft (MGD). Features special promotions, product information, and commercials.

Miller Brewing Company

The second largest brewer in America. Miller's beers and heritage.

Milwaukee Beer Company

Packages private label beers.

Minhas Creek Brewing Company

Includes double axe malt liquor, pelican light lager, and tundra ice. Brewing details, terminology and quiz.


Brews include Canadian, Export and Ultra. Company and brand history and news, region specific information and news and promotions. [Bilingual English/French]

Molson Breweries

Offers company information including a virtual brewery tour, anatomy of beer portfolio, molson canada's sports properties, and partners.

Molson Coors Brewing Co. will start making and selling beer in Russia as early as next month to expand in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.,1413,36~33~2789966,00.html

Molson USA

The official U.S. website. Brew details, online features, promotions and contests, events, videos, and other activities.


Includes details about the moosehead brewing process, promotional information, and more.

Moosehead Breweries

Includes product details, event information, and more.

Moosehead Brewers

St. John brewer of Moosehead Lager. Includes merchandise, downloads, history and international availability.

Moosehead Lager

Brand site lists promotions, offers email newsletter.

Mountain Goat Beer

Presenting a history of the company, list of outlets, and details of the goat army.

Murphy's Irish Beers

More Heineken-owned brands: Irish Stout, Irish Amber and Irish Red Beer.

Nelson Brewing Company

Offers english-style ales, stout, and canadian cream ale.

New Beer Packs a Kick - The Epoch Times

Two of Canada's leading brewers have announced plans to introduce separate lines of caffeinated beer.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Includes brand and city history, games, downloadables, and more.

Nigerian Breweries

Established in 1946, brews STAR, Aba, Kaduna, Ibadan, Enugu and AMA Greenfield. Includes investor information, company background, news, business partnerships, press releases, and news.

Ningbo Lion

Chinese brewer of Debier. Company introduction and financial information, news and product range.

Northern Breweries

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Information about the company, its product line, merchandise, and events. Brews include Red Maple, Superior, Northern and Edelbrau.

Novomìstský pivovar

Prague brewpub. Offers history, brewing process, merchandise, menu, FAQ, photo gallery and reservations form. Available in Czech, German and English. [Requires Flash]


Okanagan Spring Brewery

British Columbia brewer of Spring brand. Process information, e-cards, downloads, events and guide to Okanagan region. (Now part of Sleemans Breweries)

Okells Brewery

Offers history, details of the present brewery and tours, the shop, tasting notes, and a calendar of special brews.

Old Cape Ale Brewing Company

South African brewer of Cream_Ale, Nut Ale, Porter, and Kronen Lager. History, training course and contact information.

Old Milwaukee

Brewer of Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light. Includes promotions and merchandise.

Old Speckled Hen

Rich, strong, cask ale available at pubs across the country.

Olvi Plc

Finnish brewers and sellers of beers, ciders and mineral waters. Company information, financial reports and news listings.


Trappist community known for its cheese and beer. Also in dutch.


Trappist monastery brewery. Monastery tour and information. Brewing facts.


Japanese microbrewery turned brewery. Producer of Otaru Pilsner, Dunkles and Weiss beers. Product information, advertising, FAQ, pub and process information. (Available in Japanese and English.)

Pabst Brewing Company

Brewers of Old Style, Schlitz, Stroh's, Old Milwaukee, Rainier, Schaefer, Lone Star, Pearl, Colt 45, and Olympia brands. Includes history, gift shop, beer and brewery information.

Pacific Western Brewing

Prince George, British Columbia. Brews include T.N.T., Canterbury, Amber Ale and Nature Land Lager. Company history, product range, event listings and news.

Pacific Western Brewing Company

Range of products includes organic and private brand beers.


Brewer of palm, rodenbach, and bock pils.

Paulaner North America Online

Information on Paulaner, Fuller's, Hacker-Pschorr and Brasserie LeFebvre.


Maker of pete's wicked ale. Site includes the history of pete's brews and current financial information.

Pete's Brewing Company

Brewers of Pete's Wicked Ales including Red Rush, Strawberry Blonde, and Helles Lager. Offers beer list, history, news, merchandise, press, FAQ, and distributors.

Pilsner Urquell

History of the brand and the brewery, games, screen savers, advertising campaigns, and corporate information. Available in English and German. [Requires Flash]


Simple lager-style beer.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company

Brewers of Iron City and IC Light. Includes history, availability, events, store, and beer information.

Pivovar Benešov

Includes history, product descriptions and affiliated restaurants. Available in Czech, German and English.

Pivovar Èerná Hora

Bohemian brewery. Includes history, tour details and products descriptions. Available in Czech, German and English.

Pivovar Eggenberg

Located in Krumlov. Includes wholesaler and retailer lists, history, product descriptions, awards, tour information and FAQ. Available in Czech, German and English.

Pivovar Janáèek

Uherský Brod brewer. Offers descriptions of beers, virtual tour and photos. Available in Czech and English.

Pivovar Jihlava

Jihlava-based brewer of Jezek, Pivoj and Jihlavsky. Products, pricing, brewery tour information and awards. Available in Czech and English.

Pivovar Kutná Hora

Brewery dating back to Middle Ages. Offers history and awards. Available in Czech, German and Dutch.

Pivovar Nymburk

Offers history, tour information, brewing process, awards and beer descriptions. Available in Czech and English.

Pivovar Pardubice

Includes history, product descriptions, contacts and tour information. Available in Czech and English.

Pivovar Podkováò

Offers history, annual production and photo gallery. Available in Czech, German and English.

Pivovar Regent v Tøeboni

Tøeboò brewer. Offers product descriptions, history and photo gallery. Available in Czech, German, Russian and English.

Pivovar Svijany

Located in District of Liberec. Includes history, brewing process, beer styles, wholesalers and awards. Available in Czech, Polish and English.

Pivovar Svitavy

History of the brewery, product descriptions, promotions, and contact information. [Czech/English]

Pivovar Vratislavice

Liberec brewer. Features brewery history and contact information. [Czech/German/English]

Pivovar Vyškov

History of the brewery, descriptions of beers, corporate structure, and awards. [Czech/English]

Pivovar Zubr

Pøerov brewer. Includes product descriptions and contact information. Available in Czech and English.

Brewer of Trappist styles. Photo gallery and background. [Czech/French/English]

Pivovary Staropramen

Second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic, producing brands such as Starpromen, Brankik, Velvet, and Kelt. Company history, brewery tour information, production standards, investor information, board of directors, and press information. [Czech/En

Plzensky Prazdroj

Brewer of Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Primus. Corporate, brand and historical information.


Náchod brewer. Includes history, brand information, tour information and contacts. Available in Czech and English.


Producer of primus haecht, tongerlo, and a range of reduced alcohol beers. In dutch.

Privatbrauerei Gaffel Becker & Co.

Cologne Brewery. Includes history, product descriptions, the brewing process, as well as desktop wallpaper, screenstavers, e-cards, and retailers. Also available in German.

Pump House

Moncton, New Brunswick. 'Cadian Cream Ale. Details of the brewing process.

Pyramid Breweries, Inc.

Seattle brewers of styles including Coastline Pilsner, Best Brown, DPA, and Apricot Ale. Includes history, products, food recipes, news, games and articles.

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company

Produces traditional ales and lagers.

Luxembourg-based holding company of brewers in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Company profile, history and contact details. [Requires Flash]

Radeberger Pilsner Beer

Imported to the US from Germany. Includes contests, articles, and availability.

Rebel Beer

Brewed in Havlickuv Brod. Includes product descriptions, virtual tour, FAQ, merchandise and contact information.

Red Stripe

Lager beer brewed in jamaica.

Red Stripe Beer

Brewed in Jamaica. Includes history, mailing list, e-cards, commercials, contests and merchandise.

Redhook Ale Brewery

Brewers of traditional ales since 1982 in Seattle and Woodinville, Washington; and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Refresh UK plc is a brewer, importer and distributor of premium beer and lager brands for the UK market, born out of a management buyout of Ushers Brewery.


Brewery in Biržai region. Information about the brewery, beer descriptions.

Brewed in Chile. Rockhopper Import and Rockhopper Light, made with German hops and Chilean mountain spring water. [Requires Flash]

Rogue Ales

Oregon-based brewers of a diverse array of ales and lagers. Includes pub locations, beer styles, product information, news, and retail store.

Rolling Rock

Includes brand history and information on the rolling rock town fair.

Rolling Rock Brewery

History, news, brewing facts, the explanation of the 33, company facts and Latrobe, Pennsylvania information.


Major beer brewer by volume, offering a strong portfolio of European beers, African beers and Asian beers.


Tequila flavoured beer brewed by Miller Germany. Includes product descriptions, photo gallery and merchandise.


Offers history, corporate information, product descriptions, photo gallery and wallpapers. Available in Czech and English.


Brands, company profile, distributors and brewery technical information. (Available in Japanese and English.)


Sapporo Beer

Includes history, FAQ, advertising, press releases, merchandise, brewing process and searchable distributor database. [Requires Flash]


s-Gravenpolder brewer. Includes short history, description of beers and contact information. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Schloss Eggenberg

Oldest family owned brewery in Austria. Includes history, local features, list of importers, descriptions of beers, health benefits and contact information. Available in German and English. [Requires Flash]

Schmidmayer Bräu

Family brewery established in 1275. Includes photos, beer descriptions, local attractions and history. Available in German and English.

Scottish & Newcastle

Major national brewer whose portfolio includes John Smiths, Courage, Newcastle Brown and Theakstons.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Chico, California brewers of Celebration, Bigfoot, and other world-class beers.


Brewer of Double F. Offers email to contact company for Single beer availability.

CBC Montreal - about a takeover bid by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for Unibroue Inc., Quebec's largest micro-brewery.

Sleeman Brewery

Brewer of a range of ale and lager styles.

Sleeman Brewing

Ontario brewer and distributor of craft beers in Canada. Brews include Cream Ale, Original Dark, Honey Brown Lager and Steam. Process, heritage and interactive pages.

Spaten Brewery

Munich-based brewer of Spaten Bock, Oktoberfest and Münchner Hell. Product, corporate and Oktoberfest information. E-Cards and screen savers.

Spoetzl Brewery

Texas brewers of Shiner Bock, Blonde, Winter Ale, Hefeweizen, and Summer Stock. Includes brewery tour, store, news, events, and beer information.

St-Sylvestre Brewery

Located in the Flanders region. Includes descriptions of beers, brewing techniques and a short history of the Flanders region. Available in French and English.

St. Georgen Bräu Buttenheim

Includes history, product description and awards. Available in German and English.

St. Pauli Girl

Bremen brewer. Includes brewery information and photos, awards, promotions, news and merchandise.

St. Pauli Girl

Germany's fun-loving beer.

St.Christoffel Brewery

Overview of the brands and the history of the brewery.

Stadsbrouwerij De Hemel en Distilleerderij de Geest

Brewery museum and distillery. Offers history, tour information, product descriptions and directions. Available in Dutch, German and English.


Includes interactive brewery tour, calendar of events, labels, bottle caps, advertisements, merchandise and product descriptions. Available in Czech, German and English.

Steam Whistle

Toronto, Ontario. Brewed at The Roundhouse, previous home of the steam locomotives. Information on tours, cooking with beer and tasting. Featuring Steam Whistle Pilsner.

Tiverton, Ontario. Brews include Steelback, Tango and Chain. Contests and TV video clips.

Steigl Brauerie

Austrian brewer of Stiegl and Gaudi Radler brands. Includes brewing information, news, stories and recipes. Available in German and English.


Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Includes history of the brewery, the proper way to pour, virtual tour, downloads, belgian beer history, local attractions and recipes.

Stella Artois UK

Premium continental lager.

Stepan Razin Brewery

One of the largest breweries in Russia. Includes history, Russian beermat collection, labels, and beer information.

Stevens Point Brewery

Wisconsin brewers of Point Beer. Includes history, souvenirs, events, and tour information.

Official brewery site. In bulgarian.

Summit Brewing Company

St. Paul, Minnesota, brewers of Great Northern Porter, Alt Bier, Maibock, Extra Pale, and Winter Ale. Includes news, events, history, process, store, distributors, and beer information.


Japanese based brewer. Brands, process information, production history and company information.

Producing Tasmanian Good Ale Mead.


Official site for the mexican beer. Includes brewing info, music, history, and more.


Beer made with blue agave nectar and natural tequila and lime flavors.

Includes cask, smoothflow, imperial, and other ale and beer brands.

The Detenice Castle Brewery

Traditional beer production according to the ancient and magic recipe of the marauding knight Arthur. Brewery, restaurant and museum. [Czech/German/English]

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

The only brewing company in the Canadian Rockies. Gives a virtual tour and information about products and the pub, restaurant and brewery.

Mississauga, Ontario. Products include Robinson Big Red, St. George, Dos Tontos Mexx and Cream Ale.


Brewers of old peculiar and pedigree.

Theakston's Brewery

Brewery in Masham, gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. Producers of various draught and bottled beers, including Old Peculiar and Theakston's XB. Brewery Tours.


Italian brewers of Theresianer, Vienna Lager and Strong Ale. History, beer information. News clippings.


Russian brewer. Includes company background, press clippings, brewery information and descriptions of products. (Also in Russian)


Tinkov Beer Company

Corporate information for Russian brewer. Includes history, event calendar, list of distributors and press clippings.


Australian brewers. Games, online competitions and prizes.

Tooheys New


Chinese beer produced with spring water from laoshan, a mountainous area famous throughout china for the purity of its water.

Tsingtao Brewery Group

China-based brewers since 1903. Includes news, history, beer products, events, distribution, development and financial information.

Tsingtao Brewery Group

Produces tsingtao beer since 1903.


Offers electronic greeting cards, contests, commercials and distributor list.



Producer of strong bottle-conditioned craft beers.


Quebec-based brewer of Belgian-style strong beers presents its product palette, a 'Beer 101' and a virtual tour of the brewery.

Unique Beers

Florida contract brewer. Includes product list.

Upper Canada Brewing Company

Craft brewery located in Toronto, Ontario. Offers history, beer information, event listings, a newsletter and on-line shop.

Vader Abts Trappist Biersite

Definition of Trappist beer, provides history of the six Trappist breweries, events dedicated to this style, and pictures of breweriana. [Dutch/English]

Includes history of the brewery, tour information, beer list and importers.

Vancouver Island Brewery

A small craft brewery located in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, making ales and lagers. Product, merchandise and tour information.

Velkopopovický Kozel

Includes news, product list, restaurants that serve the beer, history of the brewery and downloads. Available in Czech and English.

Wadworth and Co

Family run brewery in Devizes,Wiltshire. Still supplies beer locally in oak casks. 250 tied pubs, and a wide free trade throughout Southern England. '6X' is one of the best known beers in the South of England. Online shopping. Now owned by Interbrew.

Wanaka Beerworks

Located at the Wanaka Transport Museum. Includes descriptions of beers, awards, merchandise, and on-line ordering.

Located below castle Greifenstein. Offers descriptions of beers, merchandise, tour and museum information and contact information. Available in German and English.

Wellington Brewery

Ontario craft brewers of real ale. News, merchandise, real ale information and brand catalogue.

Wetbeer Brewery

Cold Spring, Minnesota, brewers. Provides beer information and merchandise.

Whipnet and Bud Light Salute Real American Heroes

Offers lyrics and MP3's of the Real Men of Genius and Real American Heroes radio commercials.

Wild Rose Brewery

Offers natural ales using traditional brewing methods.

Brewer of craft organic ales and ciders.

Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries

Brands include Marston's, Banks's, Cameron's, Mansfield, Harp Lager, Pitcher and Piano, Varsity and Tavern Table.


Features xxxx gold and bitter and promotions from castlemaine xxxx.


Brisbane brewer. Offers information on brewery tours and contests.

Yakima Brewing Company

Washington state brewers of Bert Grant's Real Ales.

Independent guide to u.k. Pubs, inns, and bars, including the breweries that supply them.

Yuengling Brewery

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, brewers of Premium, Traditional Lager, Black and Tan, Porter, and Lord Chesterfield. Includes history, news, gift shop, beer and tour information.

Yukon Brewing Company

Brews the chilkoot lager, yukon gold, and arctic red brands, plus specialty limited production products.

Yukon Brewing Company

Whitehorse-based brewers of Yukon Gold, Arctic Red and Chilkoot beers. Products, merchandise and availability. Formerly known as Chilkoot Breweries.


Zipf, Austria brewer. Offers history, virtual brewery tour, screen savers and multimedia downloads. Available in German and English.


Offers history, awards, ad campaigns, virtual tour, recipes, retailers, e-cards and wallpaper. Available in Czech, English and German.


Brewery in Klaipeda. History of the brewery, produced types of beer, received awards.

Žatecký pivovar

Žatec brewery. Includes history, awards and photo gallery. Available in Czech, German, Russian and English.

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