Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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Andrew's World of Brews

In depth reviews of hundreds of beers from around the world. Read opinions, get ratings, make better decisions. Never buy a bad beer again.

Features brewpub and microbrewery reviews in the Midwest and beyond. Includes resources, games, discussions, and a forum to submit poetry.

Reviews each beer they drink for their label collection.


Allows users to provide their own ratings and comments. Database of beers includes photos and descriptions and allows sorting by several criteria.

Belgian and Bubbly

A look at Belgian beers. Includes descriptions of the tastes and the brewing process, and comments on new beers made in these same styles by American brewers. [Atlantic Monthly]

Big Beef & Beer

Weekly personal reviews of stout, porters, lager, and ales. Includes archives from previous weeks.

Brian's Belly

Beer reviews for the man that likes to sit, drink and eat. Includes recipes, articles, humor, and merchandise.

Information on primarily British pubs, breweries and beer.

Chronic Tonic

Brewpub and beer reviews.

Detailed reviews originally posted to Includes background and rating system. Beers

Search by brand name, by region where the beer is made, or by style of beer, including ales, hard ciders, and nonalcoholic. Opinions written by consumers. Breweries

Search by brewery name and by region for U.S. regional beers. Reviews written by consumers.

John Lock's Beer Ratings

Simple ratings of beer organized by brewery, name, style and rating.

Tasting notes and pictures of beers categorized by country.

My Life Is Beer!

Offers user added reviews of beers, brewpubs, breweries, and beer bars.

Ohhh... My Head...

Beer ratings organized by rank, country, style, and alphabetically. Also includes photo gallery, FAQ, and guide to finding good beer.

Large database of reviews of bottled beers from around the world, mostly European. Also offers beer of the week, newsletter, and glossary.

Rydog's World of Cheap Beer

Reviews of inexpensive beers.

Beer and other drink reviews.

tech673's beer reviews

Layman's reviews of beer and malt beverages. Includes alphabetical listing of reviews, reviewer biographies and blood-alcohol calculator.

Notes and reviews from three beer enthusiasts. Also includes style descriptions and rating system details.

Member reviews with statistical tracking.

The Opinionated Beer Page

Plain-language beer reviews sorted by country. Also offers user ratings, beer humor and trivia.

The Springfield Beer Review

Reviews of imports, microbrews, and specialty beers with slight emphasis on beers from around Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Includes history, links, and quotes.

Tramp Juice

Offers reviews of super strength beverages such as Carlsberg Special, Co-op Super, and Rochefort 10.

Uncle Shoe's Beer Tasting Committee

Light-hearted reviews by a group of friends. Features most recent reviews, top-rated beers, and explanation of rating system.

Wesi's Beer World

Brief tasting notes and ratings of beers from Switzerland, United States, Mexico and United Kingdom.

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