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Ale Street News

Serves up news, feature articles, a calendar of tours and events, and a directory of breweries, brewpubs, bars, retailers, and homebrew shops.

Ale Street News

Merchandise, promotions, Pub guides, tours, festivals, and tastings. Coverage of microbrewing, homebrewing, and craft beers.

All About Beer

E-zine chock full of news, features, homebrewing tips, artwork and more that refers to beer.

All About Beer OnLine

American beer magazine featuring online articles about beer, brewing beer, and beer news.

American Brewer

Print magazine covering the business of beer. Offers subscription form.

American Brewer: The Business of Beer

Dedicated to those driven by a commitment to the art and science of brewing

Beer Across America

Microbrewery beer of the month club.

Beer Advocate

Advocates for Good Beer. A site dedicated to promoting the awareness and appreciation of the brewing industry since 1996. A guide of reviewed beers, breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, weekly articles, news, chat forum, homebrew, ratings, and more beer.

Beer Notes

Articles on beer and brewing industry, with focus on Rocky Mountain, Midwest and Pacific Northwest regions. Offers e-mail newsletter.

Beer Passion

In-depth articles and tasting notes on belgian beer.

Bi-monthly publication that includes articles, events, tasting notes, links, and haiku reviews.

Beer Travelers

join the beer travelers in the search for the best bars, taverns, brewpubs, british pubs, irish pubs, german bier halls and microbreweries in the united states.

E-zine focused on the United Kingdom. Features reviews, featured articles, news, glossary, and UK retailers.

Weekly guide to beer, music, sex, and fun. Also includes tammy, the virtual bartender.


E-zine covering beer, sex, music and fun. Includes searchable beer reviews, grilling advice, humor, videos and desktop wallpaper.

Features monthly craft beer articles, contests, and information on homebrewing. Includes forum, tutorials, club links, reference chart and glossary.

BeerNet Online

Edited daily news and analysis for global beer industry executives.

Trade publication. Includes subscription information and sample issue.

The basics of homebrewing, recipes, faqs, reviews, and more.

Brew Your Own

A how-to homebrew beer magazine for all levels of brewers, from the beginner to the all-grain expert.

Brewing News

Beer news across the US and Canada, with regional sections covering a calendar, newsletter and related information.

Brewing Techniques Online

The award-winning magazine of craft brewing.

Celebrator Beer News

Bi-monthly magazine covering news, events, reviews, and home brewing tips. Site contains articles from past issues and subscription information.

E-mail newsletter. Includes subscription information, history, back issues, discussion forum, classifieds and competition calendar.

Modern Brewery Age

Publishers of a weekly tabloid, bi-monthly magazine and annual directory, all covering the brewing industry.

Modern Brewery Age

The professional communication source for the brewing industry.

New Brewer

Print magazine for micro and pub brewers that is put out by IBS. Contains subscription information.

Pint Pleasures: A Beer Page

Bi-weekly review of pubs and beer in the UK.

Southern Draft Brew News

A publication of the Real Beer Page covering Australia and New Zealand.

Stephen Beaumont's World of Beer

An unapologetically opinionated view of what's brewing across the continent and around the globe.

The Brewers' Handbook

The complete book to homebrewing beer.

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