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Atlantic Canada's Microbreweries

One page reference guide of Canadian microbreweries in the Atlantic provinces. Describes brewery location and beer offerings.

Australian Beers

Online resource for Australian beers, breweries, pubs and beer culture.

Australian Good Beer Directory

Guide to craft breweries in Australia. Includes locations, beer descriptions and availability.

Austrian Beer Guide

Reviews of beers and places to drink them, brewery addresses and gallery of labels.

Bamberg and the Breweries of Franconia

A guide for the beer tourist to Franconia, Germany and especially the city of Bamberg. Review of breweries, feature articles, and discussion forum.

Beer Advocate Beerfly

A tool for helping the beer traveler discover new brewing destinations around the world.

Covers the New York City area. Descriptions of pubs and brewpubs.

Worldwide brewer guide and news.

Beer Info Source

Includes the WWW Virtual Library's beer and brewing pages, the Atlanta Beer Guide, and lists of beer periodicals.

Beer Travelers

Where to find flavorful beer in the United States.

Database of beers and brewers with beer reviews, references and ratings. Includes message board polls, stories, jokes, and general related information.

Beers of Switzerland

Switzerland beer guide listing breweries, brewpubs, and beer-shops.

Searchable directory of beers with ratings and reviews. Also offers feature articles, recipes, drinking game rules, beer quotes, and forums.


Articles on styles, craft brewers, history, educational resources, as well as book reviews and a discussion forum.

Reviews of brewpubs around the world by a contributing writer to Ale Street News.

Beverage Testing Institute: Beer Buying Guide

Description of styles and countries of origin, searchable database of reviews, matching beer with food and glassware to use.

Brew Review

A guide to Northern California brewpubs.

Listings of brewery tours and events. Lists of brewpubs, microbreweries and bars. Beer news and humor.

California Beer Page

Focus on California microbreweries, brewpubs. Provides recreation and travel information.


Features beer information including styles, brewing, serving, bottling, tasting, conservation, Northern European brewers, brands and events.

Directory of UK Real Ale Breweries

Up-to-date listing of real ale breweries, with brief details about the individual breweries.

European Pub and Beer Guides

In-depth listing of pubs and breweries.

Global Beer Network

Belgian beer guide. Includes pronunciation, description and food combinations. (US Importers Of Belgian Beer)

Golden State Brewpub Guide

This searchable directory of California brewpubs and contains listings by city, region, and alphabetically.

Good Beer Guide to Southwest Germany

Southwest German beer guide with maps, pub descriptions and tasting notes.

Los Angeles Beer Guide

Listings of beer-serving establishments, beer links, beer events calendar, homebrewing information.

A guide to finding beer in the Chicago area. How to brew beer, tasting beer and stories about beer.

Michigan Beer Guide

Lists microbreweries and brewpubs in Michigan with beer reviews. Events and news listings.

Information on events, pubs, brewpubs, and breweries in Washington State, and the U.S. Northwest.

MicroBrew Forum

Discussion of microbrews with other beer fanatics.

Description of styles, travel guide, pronunciation guide, tasting notes, types of glasses and help for homebrewers.

New Mexico Virtual Brewpub

Reviews of craft beer bars, breweries, brewpubs, and festivals.

New York City Beer Guide

This guide covers where to drink, where to shop, events listings and beer tastings in New York City and beyond.

New Zealand Brewers Network

Beer and Brewing in New Zealand, latest news, latest events and beer reviews. Fresh beer updates.

Searchable database of Bars in the Houston area. Includes descriptions, hours, pictures and comments as well as beer-related laws of Texas.


Includes descriptions of beers and brewers, links to brewery sites and games.

Listing of breweries, brewpubs, pubs and bars in the US. Reviews from users and beer industry news.

Trivia and history of beer in Czech lands and beer culture. Also provides information on Czech breweries including address, styles brewed, countries exported to, year established and annual production.

Personal numerical beer ratings and message forum.

Real Ale Pubs in South Cumbria

Pub guide for South Cumbria and North Lancashire with descriptions and pictures of pubs and star ratings on the products they sell.

Features searchable beer database, home brewing information and US bar and tavern listings.

Sizing up South American beers

Personal beer guide from 13 South American and 4 Caribbean countries. Includes brands, sizes, serving customs and other interesting facts.

The Bar Towel

Opinionated guide to pubs, brewpubs and breweries of Toronto, Ontario. Also includes local beer news, new beer releases and upcoming beer events.

The Beer and Breweries of French Speaking Europe

Guide to beer and brewers in France and southern Belgium. Includes details of breweries including styles and labels as well as recommended bars.

Offers styles, process, history, pouring and storing, terminology, quotes, and links.

The British Guide to German Beer

From beer glasses to trip planning, a well thought out site from German beer.

U.S. and international brewery guide. Offers background, map and other basic information about each listing.

Totally Beer

Comments and tasting notes on real ales and other craft beers, organized by country of origin.

Virtual Beer Server

Beer listings by continent with tasting notes, label pics, and brewery links.

Washington Beer

Guide to Washington State breweries, festivals, facts, and awards by year. Sponsored by the Washington Brewers Guild.

Listing pubs, brewpubs and microbreweries. Also information on the drinking laws of the area.

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