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Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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Brew Your Own Beer For The Experience

To brew your own beer takes quite a bit of time. If you are thirsty and want a beer, then the time is not right to start mixing ingredients and waiting for the mix to be ready. In fact, from start to finish, brewing a beer may take weeks. Because of this long process, you should consider it a fun experience to brew your own beer.

The first time you brew your own beer you should use quality brewing supplies and not diverge from the instructions given with the kit. You need to work to a recipe - home brewing is one of the most exact sciences there is - and to stick to that recipe come hell or high water. If you vary from the instructions for even one small part of the process, the results are going to be undrinkable.

You can make changes to the process, but only after you have brewed a batch that tastes right. It is only at this point that you can trace the process and recognize where there is room for something to be changed. It may be with the addition of more hops, with the substitution of some hops for another ingredient, or something so minor that it would seem irrelevant. One way or the other, it is important to know the process before you try to change it.

Once you know what you are doing, the world is your oyster. Home brewing is a popular hobby, to the extent where people will attend conventions and sell their own brews and equipment. Who kows, when you brew your own beer, it may take on a life of its own. You can then consider starting a microbrewery.

Home Brewing Kit and Supplies for Homebrew Quality Beer

It's true that some people who brew beer and wine in their garage or basement are knowledgeable enough about the process to use just about anything they have around the house, and can come up with a really great mug of beer or glass of wine. But for those just starting out, or those more concerned with the quality of their brew, you should probably consider buying a home brewing kit. Before you type that phrase into your search engine and plunk down a chunk of change for the fanciest and most deluxe home brewing kit that's out there, let's take a minute to go over some of the things you should consider when looking to purchase.

For one thing, ask yourself just how serious you are about making your own beer or wine, and how often you plan on indulging in this hobby. As with any other pursuit, it's easy to be all enthused and excited when you first start out, and then be tempted to buy the biggest and best home brewing kit there is, but remember that brewing and fermenting is a process that takes time. You'll probably need a good two weeks from the time you start mixing your ingredients until you're able to enjoy your first sip.

On the other hand, if you are more demanding for instant results, you might consider another hobby or at the very least, begin with a very basic home brewing kit that is less expensive. That route will allow you to try a homebrew kit without risking a large investment.

Also, even if you're very experienced in chemistry or cooking or both, you might want to get a complete home brewing kit that comes with a cooking thermometer, a hydrometer, a strainer, and some packs of ingredients. Remember that when you make homemade beer or wine you only want to use beer or wine yeast, so be sure your home brewing kit comes with some packages or bottles of that as well. Never use any other type of yeast for your home brewing.

Once your brewing is finished, where will you store your beer or wine? A home brewing kit that comes with bottles and bottle caps or corks for wine bottles, and a bottle capper, can be a godsend to someone that isn't sure of where to store their beer. Remember, wine can be put in a large jug and opened as necessary, but beer needs to be stored in individual servings, as the air that gets in every time you open it allows the carbonation to escape, and the beer goes flat. Many people have purchased a home brewing kit online only to find that they have no place to put their freshly brewed beer once it's done fermenting! If yours doesn't come with bottles included, be sure to purchase some of these in addition.

Depending on your homebrewing interest and skill level, a home brewing kit can be as small or as large as you can imagine. Plus, a good kit with the right supplies to brew beer can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your homebrew.

Home Brewing Kit Reviews

We have reviews of some of the most popular beer kits on the market. These home brewing starter sets are a great way for anyone to get started in how to make your own beer. So if you've always wanted to learn how to make your own beer, these are some unbiased product reviews of some of the best products on the market as reviewed by actual home users of the products. These users have tested all of these products and we have provided their reviews for you to make an informed purchase before you buy. They are a great gift idea for the man in your life for any Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or even for no special occasion. If you want to get into home brewing, this is a great place to start. Plus we reveal where you can get them for up to 60% off.

Best Home Brewing Sets:

Home Brew Kits Provide Beer Brewing Supplies and Equipment

Home brew kits provide most everything you need to begin brewing beer at home. Brewing supplies like beer flavorings and other ingredients to brewing equipment such as strainers to glass or plastic fermentation jugs are all part of home brew kits.

If you are someone interested in the hobby of making your own beer or wine, have you ever considered what you can actually learn from the available home brewing kits that are online and in stores? By studying the different elements of these home brew kits and seeing what they have to offer and how they work, you might actually learn something about beer brewing.

Home brewing kits truly provide a very good starting point for beginners and those having used common kitchen utensils for beer brewing equipment. The following sections describe supplies and equipment offered kits in more detail.

Plastic Versus Glass

Most home brew kits come with two fermentation containers, and these are usually plastic buckets. They should be food-grade buckets, as the plastic and the plastic coating of buckets is different for food grade than what you would find on buckets that you store paint or other materials in. These plastic buckets are typically very acceptable for brewing your beer.

However, the more deluxe and expensive home brew kits typically offer glass fermentation containers. Immediately you might wonder why that is, and typically it is because most brewers believe that plastic interferes with the taste of your beer, even just a little. Glass does not, and usually delivers a taste that is cleaner and more palatable. By realizing how you might upgrade to home brew kits that offer glass as fermentation containers, you realize how there is a difference in the taste and the desirability of one medium over the other.

Flavorings and Additives

Brewing a basic glass of beer is possible with the standard home brew kits you see online and in catalogs. However, if you are looking to kick it up a notch and add some flavor and taste to your beer, note that some home brew kits come with fruit flavors, honey, and different varieties of hops.

You might be hesitant to add any of these things to your batches; if you are someone who does not always like to try new things, you may wonder if you will ruin an entire batch by making your beer too sweet or too bitter for your taste. However, the great thing about home brew kits that come with these flavorings is that they usually have instructions on how to use them, how much to add, and so on. By following these instructions you'll find that you're just improving the flavor of your beer, not overpowering it in any way.


Some home brew kits come with strainers, large wooden spoons or paddles, and even special kettles in which to prepare your wort. You might be using your favorite kettle or soup pot right now with small wooden spoons, and finding that it is impossible to keep an eye on your wort properly. By seeing how these more complete home brew kits offer these accessories, you see how your preparation process may be a bit easier.

Home brewing kits should be viewed as tools that will not do anything without the right person using them properly and patiently. At the same time, home brew kits can help you a great deal in brewing an excellent glass of beer if you use them as instructed.

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