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Beers of the World is written by the leading beer writers of our time, and will cover all the beers of the world - ale and lager, from the UK and Germany, the Czech Republic, US and beyond.

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Coopers Beer Kits

The Coopers Beer Kits are great for both the beginner and the intermediate beer brewing lover. These actually come from Australia's finest brewery - Cooper's - and now you can enjoy all of the great taste of their micro brewery beers at home. They have squeezed these beer kits into one box that is no bigger than a picnic basket.

Coopers Beer Kits also include everything you need to start beer brewing from home. They offer PET bottles, caps, and ingredients to make your first batch. Plus Cooper's Brewery has several other recipes that you can buy that feature ales, lagers, stouts, and specialty beers. While the Coopers Brewery Make Beer Kits are a bit more expensive than other beginner beer kits, their products are not cheaply made and they make over 50 bottles of home brewed beer.

Coopers Beer Kits Features and Specifications:

  • Coopers Beer Kits are a beer making kit by Australia's only 5-star brewery.
  • Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! Fast, easy, simply the Best.
  • Includes easy to follow DVD hosted by Aussie movie star Paul Mercurio, (Strictly Ballroom)
  • Even the most novice brewer can be confident of getting it right, the first time and every time.
  • The World's Best Selling Home Beermaking Kit

The Reviews

People generally rated the Coopers Beer Kits with a 5 star rating and no rating ever went below 4 stars. One consumer mentioned that while the kit had tremendous value, he had trouble getting the screw on lid on the fermenter bucket off and he had issues with the valve staying tightened during the fermenting process. Other's liked the fact that the bottles are larger than other beer kits at 25 ounces. Many commented on the beer kits reviews about the cheap price compared to creating your own beer brewing kits from scratch. It's very expensive to purchase home brewing equipment piece by piece and the Coopers Beer Kits have everything you need included in one box.

Other users commented on the ease of use with the instructional DVD that came with the package. If you don't like reading manuals, they recommend watching the beer brewing DVD that gives you a step by step guide. One user mentioned the fact that he contacted customer support for his kit and he got immediate help from Cooper's Brewery even if they were all the way in Australia. The taste of the beers was also applauded and not only can you create a traditional Australian beer like Fosters, but they have other beer brewing recipes like Mexican Cerveza, Wheat Beer, Irish Stout, and dozens more.


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